Halo Anniversary makes me worry about Halo 4

Halo Anniversary showcases the kind of development decisions 343 Industries might make going into Halo 4, and that could be a cause for concern.

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aviator1892441d ago

"They prettied Halo up, but didn’t actually improve it."
Well, wasn't 343i's intent, in creating halo anniversary, to keep everything the same except visual upgrades and adding terminals? If they "improved" or changed the gameplay or level design in the campaign, it wouldn't really be the original CE we all knew and enjoyed years ago.

hennessey862441d ago

If they changed anything then it wouldn't be halo CE. Some people will pck at straws its sad really

StanLee2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

It's obvious that the idiots nitpicking the game didn't pay attention during it's many video dairies. The intention was never to change anything. It was to play the same as it did 10 years ago. That was the choice. It would just be given a fresh coat of paint. IT'S THE SAME CAMPAIGN FROM 10 YEARS AGO! Same quirks, same level design, AI, difficulty, same every damn thing! That was made absolutely clear from the start.

Dlacy13g2441d ago

Bubbles to all on this thread for having an intelligence level high enough to realize the obvious. How did this writer miss this most obvious point that 343 repeatedly told everyone?

otherZinc2441d ago

@Dan "Shoe" Shu,

I hope you feel ashamed to be associated with the clown that wrote this article.

I love it how people that obviously hate Halo to tell 343 "did you fix the Library"? Well, I love the Library as it is the definition of FPS Skill on Legendary!

The one thing I fault 343 is, making Normal Difficulty to easy. My 9yr old daughter beats the game on Normal. Heroic is where the players play!

This clown plays on Normal & now is a critic.

Writings such as this, is the very reason I dont trust reviewers at all! I mention Dan Shu because he's one of the few reviewers I trust in the entire video game industry!

PS. I hope 343 doesnt listen to 1 word from this idiot at TheBitMob.

BinaryMind2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Yes, the Library was not that bad. If someone wants to play an exercise in bad game design, one only needs to play Duke Nukem Forever. The Library was nothing more than a blemish on a truly astounding game.

Also, nice attention grabbing title. Just because 343 didn't want to make any changes to a classic game means nothing about what will happen with Halo 4. As far as the difficulty goes, of course Normal will be easy; you've been playing Halo for ten years! Even Bungie recommended their sequels be played on Heroic for returning fans.

StayStatic2441d ago

Agreed , i would not have bought it other wise as i missed out on the first halo back in the day so its nice to play an anniversary version true to the original , having a blast :D

spicelicka2441d ago

Holyy fuck, is it really that hard for some people to understand that it's a remake? I have yet to play any remake or HD port of any game that changes anything other than graphics.

If anything, 343 deserves praise for adding terminals, engine switching mid-game, current gen graphics, and total remodelling of characters in a friggin "HD remake".
I can't think of anyone that has done something like this, considering remakes like god of war, beyond good and evil, etc were all just better looking versions of the exact same games.

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Halochampian2441d ago

sigh.. and people are paid to write things like this??

THR1LLHOUSE2441d ago

To provide their opinions? Yeah, sometimes.

Halochampian2441d ago

Sometimes they should do some research on a topic before just speaking their opinion.

I talked with the devs at E3 and they publicly said they were doing what the Fans, like myself were asking for. A HD remake. Dont change the best Halo game made to date. and they did that.

guitarded772441d ago

Agree x 10,000... people are always spouting off "well, it's my opinion"... well, most of them don't know what the ____ they're talking about. A little research goes a long way. Hell I could be running around saying the earth is flat... and that's my opinion. But research would suggest that I'm a moron for believing so. Anyway, I got the game yesterday and I'm having a blast... the ability to switch between new/old visuals is highly addictive.

candystop2441d ago

LMAO guitarded77! Don't let the Halo haters bothers you one bit. They've never understood it and will always be lost when it comes to the topic. I have faith in 343 and hope they can bring the magic of Halo CE to the new trilogy.

Disccordia2441d ago

Wasn't this developed by Sabre Interactive anyway?

hennessey862441d ago

they provided the updated game engine

AngelicIceDiamond2441d ago

I just hope Halo 4 delivers at whatever there goal is I just hope it works. One can only imagine what Halo 4 will be like (please innovate).

theonlylolking2441d ago

Yes, innovation is key. Halo has stayed the same for years. They need to make the game stay halo but with a big change.

MasterD9192441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

343 developed this which is the next best thing to Bungie considering that some 343 employees came directly from Bungie. I really think that 343 is going to impress with Halo 4 now after playing this.

Any Halo fan should support this game as it is WELL worth the trip down memory lane and IMO is just amazing. Plus- the guns are powerful as all hell. Pistol, anyone? I am loving the multiplayer maps as well.

Being able to hit the select button and see what that portion of the game looked like 10 years ago...Awesome.

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