Splitkick - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

There’s always a possibility that games released on a yearly cycle will struggle to offer anything particularly different from its previous iteration. Some games certainly buck the trend that sets this precedent, the Assassin’s Creed series being particularly impressive year-on-year so far, but plenty of cyclical releases quickly work themselves into the ground. With Call of Duty, Activision have previously managed to avoid this pit by splitting development duties on its billion-dollar franchise among multiple devs. However, what happens when one of those devs goes off the rails?

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hennessey862382d ago

This yearly cycle crap, infinty wards last game was MW2 which was released 2 years ago not 1. 6 out of 10 my my some one is looking for hits

Halochampian2382d ago

And yet IW took a step backwards...

hennessey862382d ago

I'm not saying the game is a masterpiece but its not a yearly game and for me treyarc shouldnt call there game call of duty they should rename it

Halochampian2382d ago

what? That's dumb. They are the same game. Activison is making two companies make the game. They are using the same engine with the same mechanics with the same animations.

They are named differently. IW names their games "Modern Warfare"

COD is a yearly game. There is one every year.

farhad2k82382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

N4G is FULL of CoD haters.
Jealousy is a disease, why can't the haters just mind their own business.
After all, it's not YOU who is spending the money, we CoD lovers are spending OUR money, so why should you haters care? You should be happy that we're 'wasting' money in your eyes.

If you're being hated on, you must be doing something right.
-The story of CoD.

I want to prove that this site is FULL of CoD haters, watch how many disagrees I will get.

gamernova2382d ago

Screw this review. I bought it and love it. Kill confirmed for the win :)

spektical2382d ago

great review, kudos for not taking the check, and buying into the yearly hype.

the truth is, its the same game, different maps... err recycled maps, and sub-par campaign.

Jake_the_Dog2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Now this is a review where someone isn't sucking Activision's dick. I played MW3 and can honestly say that Black Ops was better.

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