Press Pause: Skyrim discussion, part 1

Skyrim! An adventure so huge, it forced Dan "Shoe" Hsu to buy a strategy guide for the first time in many, many years. Press Pause Host Carlos Rodela and Shoe discuss this epic role-playing game and whether they think it's worth spending half of their remaining years on earth playing.

Speaking of strategy books, listen in to hear about some of the crazy numbers the Prima Games authors had to deal with when working on the Skyrim guide.

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THR1LLHOUSE2412d ago

Skyrim is amaaaazing.

I really only would buy a strategy guide for it so I could learn how to better do the alchemy and weapon crafting. Other than that, the journey is the goal, maaaaaan.

acronkyoung2412d ago

Good discussion. I really don't think I have enough time for Skyrim these days, though.

SybaRat2412d ago

A game so big, you have to read a 100-page book in order to play it. Ah, that takes me back.

Sadie21002412d ago

655 pages! And over 500 locations. That's just insanity.