Sonic Generations races from colorful to realistic and back again

Sonic Generations has Sega's mascot returning to his roots, and his world.

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THR1LLHOUSE2313d ago

I was never a huge Sonic fan, but this game does look fantastic.

Why did it take Sega so long to figure how to do Sonic games again?

Sadie21002313d ago

It is strange. I would've thought they'd have figured this out a long time ago, too.

darthv722313d ago

they always knew how to do sonic games. where the problems cropped up was from trying to do the "me too" of sonic. Mario went 3d-ish in Mario 64 so sega tried to save face by taking sonic there.

Sonic is about speed, collecting rings, jumping on bad guy, beating dr eggman and scoring points. He isnt about exploration in a 3d environment. Although, I did love the original sonic adventure but every game they tried to use the same formula failed because they just lost focus on those simple things.

I havent played sonic colors but i understand it was the basis for generations. The look and play mechanics were more to the roots of sonic and just running his ass off. I really enjoyed the demo of generations and it just feels right in line with the sonic that started it all.

acronkyoung2313d ago

I'm still not sure I can trust it. It must be a piece of crap. Every Sonic game has been for years.

THR1LLHOUSE2313d ago

Yeah, who does he fall in love with in this one?

It's somebody, right? IT HAS TO BE.