How should games respond to the player’s mistakes? Does difficulty make a better game?

Gareth Williams on the 'concept of making mistakes' in games and how getting the balance right is crucial especially with the increasing number of casual gamers becoming a core target market for every developer

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gypsygib2465d ago

The best games find the balance between challenging, easy and cheap. The latter two makes for a boring/frustrating game.

Tanir2465d ago

yep, games like dark souls does it right imo,

but games that are too easy are boring and have no challenge. and to me right now as im playing batman arkham city its boring me to tears

gypsygib2465d ago

The challenge is in having flawless fights with the biggest multipliers. But you're right combat could be tougher.

Dark Souls is very hard but not at all cheap, Gears 3 on insane is cheap due to blast radiuses.