Don’t let Rayman Origins go amiss in the influx of November releases – it deserves your recognition

Rayman Origins is probably the most underestimated title this year. Jack Bromley explains why it shouldn't slip under you radar during this release-packed month, and why you should give this classic character's revival a chance.

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DarkBlood2468d ago

while im sure its fun it looks like one of those titles that will drop to $20 a year later something i wish i knew with the dragon ball game despite being a fan of the that series

so thats what im going to do wait on it

ReservoirDog3162467d ago

They reeeeeeeeeeeeeally should've released this in January.

Put aside the thousand other games that released earlier this year. Put all those downloadable games aside. Put all those games from last year we still haven't played. Put all that aside. Is anyone out there gonna buy this (more than likely) good (or even great) game ahead of all the November releases?

They tried their hardest to sentence this game to death. Let's see if it works or not.

tigertron2467d ago

I downloaded the original Rayman off the PSN and it brought back alot of memories, it was a great game.

However, there have been waaaay too many games in the last month or so. I never would have thought that too many games was a bad thing, but it meant I've had to skip on some games, and will probably miss out on this for the time being because I don't have the time or money. ¬_¬

Zichu2467d ago

I'm getting this on day of release. I'm from the UK, so it doesn't get released till the 25th ;_;

Anyway, I have bought games like BF3, MW3, TESV:Skyrim and AC:R. I am getting this because I am fan of the Rayman series, I have played the demo and it's amazing.