Sonic CD: The Best Sonic Game You Probably Never Played

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Being a gamer in the early 90s was quite thrilling, as companies were experimenting with polygons to create (at the time) vibrant 3D worlds, chief among them Sega. The highly successful publisher, still very much in the console business, decided to jump ahead of rival Nintendo with the Sega CD, a CD-ROM attachment for the Genesis that delivered higher quality audio, 3D and plenty of dreadful full-motion video (FMV) games like Sewer Shark and Slam City with Scottie Pippen. If you researched Sega's downfall, the one decision that punted it from the hardware business, this was it. 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast all fell victim to the cracked foundation built with Sega CD.

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