3D Confirmed For Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

Add another game to the growing list of 3D compatible titles headed to the PS3.

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Software_Lover2435d ago

Is 3d really that much of a deal breaker for people that we have to list it as a feature before games come out now? So the resolution fight is over on N4g for the most part, now we're moving onto "my console has more 3d games than your console."

aPerson2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"Now we're moving onto "my console has more 3d games than your console""

Right, except for the fact that you're the only person to bring the topic up? No one even mentioned it until your comment. Herp derp.

There's nothing wrong with a developer confirming 3D compatibility. Stop complaining.

Software_Lover2435d ago

Never said anything about the developer. Might want to read it again. Never said anything was wrong about including 3d. Might want to read it again. And there have been "3d" arguments on N4g here lately.

and you are correct, no one mentioned in "IN THIS ARTICLE" before because I was the first post herp derp. That only works a couple of posts down

kerrak2435d ago

Tell me why shouldn't we list it, considering not every game comes with 3d.
Have you experienced 3d gaming?

rfowler302435d ago

whether its consoles or pc i am proud owner of a samsung 3d tv. you have to experience 3d in order to believe in my opinion. some ppl think its a gimiick, but play killzone 3 or starcraft 2 in 3d; then you may change your opinion on it.

badz1492435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

more 3D games for my TV! I like how developers put extra effort for their games catering to people with extra stuff. at least people with 3DTV will get to utilize the feature of what they've paid for in their TVs!

m-s-8-22435d ago

Nice. Just got my 3d tv yesterday and have to say that while it is in no way a game breaker, having it does make for a different experience visually. And i havent even played one of the few actual 3d compatible games i have yet, just been using 2d to 3d conversion.

Luc202435d ago

Congrats! I bought my 3d tv last year. The best games in 3D are Killzone3, Uncharted3, Sturdust HD (amazing effect when your ship blows out and evertyhing is flying outside TV), SOTC (once played in 3D you will not go back to 2D), Wipeout 3D, the latest motorstorm game and many more.
3D blu ray movies are really cool, the best are Tron Legacy 3D, Thor, Green Lantern, Polar Express, all Imax 3D movies available on B ray 3d , sony's and pixar's 3d movies.
I have stereoscopic 3dtv. If you have passive 3d tv (such as LG tv's) the movies arent in 1080p but 720p. Lots of people dont know this and think passive 3d is cheaper and better.