PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance - Thursday 17 November

EU PS BLOG: "PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on Thursday 17 November until 02:00 GMT on Friday November 2011.

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llMurcielagoll2350d ago

You spelled Thursday wrong :P

llMurcielagoll2349d ago

EDIT: Used to be ThursTday for those who disagreed with me.

Now it's alright.

Back to topic at hand, Right will see what happens if there will be an outage today until tomorrow or not, haven't tried logging in yet.

Trainz2350d ago Show
csreynolds2350d ago

Thurstday? There's been a drought?

lorianguy2350d ago

I was kinda hoping it would say thrustday. That gives me an excuse to pelvic thrust at random people.

But I guess I'll be happy with thurstday. Dehydration FTW!

csreynolds2350d ago

Uncharted 'Pump' taunt! :-D

nitrogav2350d ago

Funny that , that's the same day your 5 account activations go down to only 2 ouch !!

cee7732350d ago

no that happens on the 18th

nitrogav2350d ago

02.00 GMT Friday is the 18th .

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