Xbox Turns 10 - History of the Xbox

vgZero: 'TurboGrafx-16. Neo Geo. Atari Jaguar. 3DO. CD32. Pippin. PC-FX. You may or may not recognize these as the names of past video game consoles. Now given that information, you can probably deduce that these consoles have one obvious trait in common: failure. It is not an easy thing to break into the cutthroat industry of video game hardware production, especially when rich and powerful companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Sega have already mastered the craft and established themselves as world leaders in the industry. Around the turn of the millennium however, there was an opportunity. With the failures of recent consoles like the Saturn and Dreamcast, Sega was quickly plummeting into irrelevance (eventually driving them out of the hardware business altogether) while Nintendo’s own presence in the industry was weakening thanks to mediocre sales of the Nintendo 64, leaving Sony and its PlayStation brand as the undisputed leader in the home console market. This scenario potentially left room for someone to step in and pick up the slack with their own home console, however it would require a company with some name recognition, a great amount of foresight and willpower, and above all, lots and lots money. Who better, then, than American technology supergiant Microsoft? There was a great deal of doubt and uncertainty when Microsoft launched the Xbox in 2001, but a decade later as we celebrate the console's tenth birthday the Xbox brand has established itself not only as a worthy competitor but on the leading edge of the home console business.'

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