Starbreeze: making smaller games is more fun

OXM UK: "Smaller titles like Bionic Commando: Rearmed are more fun to make, as there's less management "nonsense" and more empowerment for individuals, according to Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark."

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Adolph Fitler2349d ago

Well Starbreeze Studios are far to talented to be stuck behind crappy remakes of 2d games from yesteryear.

I mean these guys made Riddick & The Darkness. Both were classics, in there own right, & for me, as I missed out on Riddick on Xbox 1, due to mainstream media & hype of the Halo's of the world....this is the game that should have sold xbox's, not Halo, as while Halo is a good franchsie, It really didn't do a single thing new to stand out in the genre.....while Riddick did.

ironfist922349d ago

Can't wait for Syndicate!