PS3 PES 2008 Patch Verdict: Uglier, Better Framerate, Online Still Borked

PS3 Center reports:

It seems that Monday's patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is not quite the all encompassing fix that many fans were expecting...

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sajj3163949d ago

Admitting that the version was rushed or the fix to the rushed version was also rushed. Konami has totally dropped the ball this year on one of their most lucrative franchises.

killer_trap3949d ago

i didn't notice it yesterday. i was too busy with uncharted. but i played pes for 2 hours today and it does have a lot more jaggies than it use to.

tudors3949d ago

that I may never buy a PS3, all my friends have got used to the quality of Xbox-Live and the games; if I owned a PS3 right now I would feel like I was buying a console that was always being beta tested, I feel for you guys I really do; I am on my second Xbox-360 due to the hardware issues that they have had but the overall service is so good it has been worth the hassle.

Rama262853949d ago

You do realise this isn't the Playstation 3 or Playstation Network's fault right? Our free online service is top notch and when in the hands of non-rushed and skilled developers, is a quality experience without lag. Every game I own (besides PES2008) gives me a quality lag-free online experience. There is no need to feel for us, we're quite happy as we are.

PMR_213949d ago

said Rama...bubbles 4 U

MaximusPrime_3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

i noticed improvement to replays.

The online mode improved slightly. Still some lagging.
For some reasons i have a good match with one person, and beaten him (for first time) 2-0.

Two fantastic goals. If any of you would like a match. my id is in my bio. I can be crap though.

killer_trap3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

i don't think you need your psn id to play online. it has some kind of crappy user login. doesn't matter to me though. online was to broken in this game and i didn't care for it much.

but if you want me to humiliate you in warhawk then my id is desertsand.

@ mordillo u talking to me????

Tryst3948d ago

I may be up for playing you.

I just had a six man tournament over my house and come last but one, so I am off form a bit at the moment.

mordillo923949d ago

my version is now working really well, much better framerate, and online is better now, and so on...

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