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Media Create hardware sales (11/7 – 11/13)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

blaaah  +   1250d ago
3DS numbers are mindblowing... I wonder what will happen when Monster Hunter Tri G releases o_O
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darthv72  +   1249d ago
was the only one to post a positive this week. 3DS had the biggest loss. Yet, even losing 40k+ it still sold more than the combined total of the rest.

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Game4life  +   1249d ago
you see why japan likes handheld more then consoles.
GamersRulz  +   1249d ago
I expect vita to do similar numbers from the start, one month remaining :)

PS3 numbers are consistent, PSP is good, 3DS is killing it, Wii is meh, 360 is bigger meh, PS2 is Legend.
VampiricDragon  +   1249d ago
you wish the vita could do that good

The trolls and haters who think 3ds sales are bad need to get a reality check.

The ds wasnt even doing this good and it was cheaper
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Pyscho_Mantis  +   1249d ago
mate they had to cut the price after a month thats how bad it was doing lol
AmaZinG  +   1249d ago
Vita is absolutely doomed in Japan...

But will Win the Western market this handheld gen.
Kurisu  +   1249d ago
How much was your Crystal ball?
Inzo  +   1249d ago
A Sony product will never ever ever ever ever be doomed in Japan(unless its called the PSPgo). History has shown that Sony has always ended the stronger, Wii is a good example of this and once Kojima announces MGS for the Vita(and it is going to happen) and the rumors can be trusted that monster hunter will be a launch title, then the 3DS is going to find it self in some tough times.
knifefight  +   1249d ago
Vita doomed? In JAPAN? Japan where PSP led these very charts for about a year and a half straight? Hahahahaha yeah OK XD
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GameTavern  +   1249d ago
But that was due mainly to the success of Monster Hunter in Japan. As of right now, have nothing to fill that void.
knifefight  +   1249d ago
Check the software sales, mate. Week in and week out, the PSP has had a big number of titles in the top 10, often even claiming the number one spot. The thing is nearly 7 years old and still pulling those figures in Japan. She's been an undeniable success :)
aceitman  +   1249d ago
how is it doomed when pre-orders are selling out. and psp numbers are down cause people are waiting to get a ps vita . doomed it is not.
belal  +   1249d ago
3ds numbers are impressive but it took a pricecut and if you compare the numbers from last week the sales are decreasing very fast.
mshope10  +   1249d ago
3ds is doomed haha lol remember that haters?? and you can cry and say but it's cause it got a price cut and yes that helped but what it really needed was high profile games and mario starts that off!!

then next month we get mario kart 7 with 8 players online it has a mario kart channel so we can see what are friends are doing and jump right into there game!!plus you can start your own clan and race other clans!and you can get up to 7 ghost to race at one time from online or from spotpass updates!and when you get a streetpass tags you get ghost data and the person you pass on the street that you don't know you can add them to your friend list and play with them online with no friend code yes no friend code i bet you haters didn't know that or you choose to pretend not to know!!

then not only do we get mario kart 7 we also get the free swapnote app so we can exchange text,voice,drawing,and 3d and 2d picture messages!again something all the haters either don't know or cry about and think if they cry enough this stuff won't be true or come out!!

and 3ds is on pace to out sell ds in its first year out and ds sold the most system in u.s. history so i wouldn't worry about 3ds to much. remember 3ds didn't even see it first x-mas yet and now all the great games are coming out for it!!

just this month we got mario 3d land,cave story 3d,need for speed the run 3d,shinobi,ace combat assault horizon legacy,sonic generations!!

and next month games like mario kart 7,and in japan monster hunter 3g which is going to kill it!!and early next year we get kid icarus uprising,resident evil revelations with a 2 player online co-op mode!!heroes of ruin with up to 4 players online co-op, voice chat and drop in and out gameplay!!!and then down the road tekken prime edition 3d that comes with a tekken movie on the game card for free in 3d!!!monster hunter 4,luigi's mansion 2,paper mario 3d,a new zelda made for 3ds,the first portable smash bros.,metal gear solid 3 snake eater 3d,beyond the labryinth,kingdom hearts:dream,drop,distance,mar io tennis 3d,and tales of the abyss!!plus 3d classics,virtual console games,3dsware and dsiware games!!!!

thats just a small sample of whats coming out then you add in stuff like the free nintendo video app that gives us 2 to 4 new free 3d videos to watch every week,then we got the netflix app and this year we get the hulu plus app!!and nintendo is working on a new flipnote studio for free so not only can we make are own animations for free now they will be in 3d!plus soon a free 3d video recorder update with in the next 2 weeks so we can shoot 3d vids and then put them on the 3d youtube site.

and soon more and more people will learn about all this like how the e-shop is getting game demos to go with the 3d game videos that it all ready has!then more people will learn about all these great games coming out and sales will pick up more!!and when words spreads about a new 3d pokemon with updated graphics and online sales will pick up more!!then there's a rumors of a new braintraining 3d coming which will help even more!!!!!

so yeah keep on hating and crying maybe it will make yinz feel better but 3ds is going to be just fine!!!!!!and whats crazy it hasn't even been out for a year and this great stuff is coming out can you imagine next year?especially with a pokemon and a monster hunter coming on the same system think about that next time you think it's all doom and gloom!!!!
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1249d ago
knifefight  +   1249d ago
Yeah there's no way I'm reading that wall of text.
jeffrey222  +   1249d ago
you got facepalm 3D edition, Troll 3D edition, Remake 3D edition, never ending pokemon 3D edition,super mario 10000000 3D Edition,Zelda twilight ocarina princess of time 3D edition.
ozstar  +   1249d ago
babys first troll?

Capcom alone has given 3DS more support in 12 months than basically 6 years of PSP.
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mshope10  +   1248d ago
man you sure showed me!!!what was i thinking nintendo brings out the same games over and over!!!they are the only company that does that!!!!i'm going to trade my 3ds in and get vita so i can play the 4th uncharted in one generation!!!!thanks for saving me i forgot i like my movies so much i want my video games to be movies too!!!!yeah movies and can i get 10 disagrees this time cause maybe then that will show me what i said was wrong haha!!!!
Shnazzyone  +   1249d ago
Tough to say 3DS is selling on the price cut anymore. Especially since it's quite literally the only hardware in japan that isn't selling like crap right now. Probably indicating that the 3ds is not going to be nintendo's PSP.

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