Max Payne 3 Preview [GameInformer] reports: "I just got my copy of Gameinformer in the mail and and the first thing that I always do is look in the index for news on Rockstar's games. I was delightfully happy when I saw they had a Max Payne 3 preview posted on page 100. Matt Helgeson (writer for GI) had some really kind words to say about the game, including "it's shaping up to be one of my most anticipated titles of next year."

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IllusionRSN2412d ago

Yea, it's taken long enough to make, so hopefully it will be great!

RedDevils2412d ago

Yeah Can't wait for game, Completed both 1+2 and both are awesome, I hope this doesn't disappoint, I want to do that matrix flying shooting lol