Assassin's Creed: Making the Game

Access to multiple processors changed the rules of the development game.

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Crazyglues3954d ago

I wonder if part 2 has already started, since the game is already close to a million units sold. And better Question would you buy a part two?
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Danja3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

If they fix all the major probs from the first game..and improve upon the story and definetly buying AC2..

Even though the ending was curious to see wat really becomes of Desmond now that he has synched with curious to see what role Lucy will play in the game..and if that Doctor is an enemy.and what not...

Eclipticus3954d ago

yeah i liked the first one, sure it has it faults but its ambitious enough, im sure ubi will only improve. so, like prince of persia, ima get the entire trilgy