Call of Duty Elite definitly coming to PC

Yesterday we heard rumors about Call of Duty Elite not coming to the PC. Now it's clear: Elite is definitly coming to your PC.

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hennessey862380d ago

you don,t care yet you were the first one into this thread, how strange.

StayStatic2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Yet the care police were not too far behind ay ;)

zerocrossing2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )


That really made me LOL! xD

papashango2380d ago

Good luck with that activision. Finally some reading material to look forward to when they announce how bad it failed

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Intentions2380d ago

Lol who would play CoD on PC when there is skyrim.

PSX992380d ago

Me,i don't like that type of game, it's boring to me.

awi59512378d ago

Who would pay for that when there are way better shooters on pc with mods and free maps.

Johandevries2380d ago

Lol @ ''definitly''

Definitely... is like the elite word among all the words people just can't spell

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pctrollv42380d ago

its fine if you wanna play cod, but my god, what pc gamer cares to pay for a dumbed down elite version? seriously...

3GenGames2380d ago

Of course, how else can they get ALL your money without it?!

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The story is too old to be commented.