£57 for a PS3 game: Why PSN's pricing structure is broken

Dead Space 2, for instance, is an inexplicable £47.99 (£17.99 in HMV and Amazon), Mass Effect 2 and its inter-species rutting retails for £47.99 (£17.99 on Amazon or Play), while Sony's own inFamous 2 is an electrifying £49.99, despite being just £27.99 from Amazon or Play.

So you can download these three titles for £146, or buy boxed copies for £64 and recoup around half that by selling them when you're done. £35 or £145? Hmm. Tricky. What the hell's going on?

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360ICE2383d ago Show
Blastoise2383d ago

It does my head in, it should be cheaper as you`re basically only buying a file. Theres no plastic box, disc or manual so why are they more expensive?!

SantistaUSA2383d ago

I believe is because they need to keep the retail stores happy, if they charge less than retail, those retail stores would lower the shelves space or cut it completely and they can't afford not having brick and mortar stores support! Not sure if that's the case but that's only explanation that I can think of.

TreMillz2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

OMG Retailers have the right to price their own games! Once Amazon, Walmart, GS, etc pays publisher for the shipment, its their pricing now. When you see a Suggested Retail Price, thats cuz the publisher recommends that price so the retailer can profit. Thats why amazon always shootin down prices and bringin it back up all the time. Now on PSN, its the publishers pricing, Sony only controls its own games pricing. Example, EA released ME2 simultaneously on the PSN and retail together. Back then they were both $60. Notice how ME2 on PSN is now $20 and a brand new copy in retail is...$20. Due to the fact the game is old, thats the New Suggested retail price to make profit. Retailers pay a lesser price for new ME2 shipments now. Notice how EA has BF3 on PSN higher than retail. Thats cuz not all retailers have to follow the suggested pricing. You think on Black Friday, BF3 PSN will match retail? No it wont. Thats cuz retailers can control the price now that the paid EA, SONY, Microsoft, etc.

zeousPP32383d ago

Exactly, its just plain stupid. It should be so much cheaper without all of this, atleast by 50%

iistuii2383d ago

PSN XBL do this. I mean if you get no booklet, no box no disc & no sell on, surely it's gotta be cheaper. They are both taking the piss with these prices.

jimbobwahey2383d ago

I don't think you understand games journalism.

Basically, it's only bad when Sony does it. You're supposed to ignore it if Microsoft does the exact same thing, and only single out Sony.

iistuii2383d ago

Both companies, but if you wanna split ends there isn't a game on XBL that's £49.99. There's nothing wrong with journalism if it's telling the truth, and the truth is that PSN are selling a game for £49.99...

StanSmith2383d ago

I don't think you understand what year it is!

It's 2011, not 2007! Drop the Sony Victim card and move on. Good grief!

Blacktric2383d ago

"Basically, it's only bad when Sony does it. You're supposed to ignore it if Microsoft does the exact same thing, and only single out Sony."

Really? You're still gonna use the same crappy argument to make your console of choice look better in the eyes of others? Pathetic. Check the prices of a game on both PSN and Xbox Live. Most of them are much more expensive on PSN Store while they're fairly reasonable on Xbox Live Marketplace. It's Sony that accepts the crappy pricings of publishers so blame them too...

zeousPP32383d ago

How is that right. I have seen so many articles of this happening on XBL aswell on many other gaming websites. Its not as if all of them want to gang up on the playstation.

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Fishy Fingers2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Digital downloads pricing is just broken, simple as that, whatever form of media, broken.

There is of course the odd exception, Steam etc, although even then, day 1 purchases can usually be found cheaper on disc and delivered to your door.

urwifeminder2383d ago

Its simple priced for impulse buyers who dont go to game shops much .

himdeel2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I disagreed that these are priced for impulse buyers. Particularly when you consider how long it takes to download any of these games. Especially on PSN.

I'd only consider people who buy these overpriced downloads as "impulse" buys if they had access to play the games immediately after purchase. Each time I see an fully downloadable game and it's more expensive than a physical copy I laugh to myself.

I can think of at least 4 games I'd buy in a heartbeat if they were at least 30% cheaper than the physical copy.

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