Nintendo: 'No Plans' To Increase Western Game Development

Even with the Wii's phenomenal success in America, Nintendo has no plans to ramp up video game development here, says senior vice president George Harrison.

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Vizion263917d ago

With all that money Nintendo is making should increase development of video games. And they don't have to be the type of games for the hardcore market that involves a lot of killing. They can be wacky, weird games like Beautiful Katamari.

Prismo_Fillusion3917d ago

Boooooo Nintendo...boooooo. As much as I love Zelda/Mario/etc series games, Nintendo should make more than 1-2 new IPs per system.

greenenvy3917d ago

at least the others are doing something new......

the wii will stay the wii, and I wonder if it will fall behind or end up doing something different than mario or wii sports.....

Milkman5413917d ago

I know it's early and no one can find a Wii as it is now but I wonder what down the road the future will hold for Nintendo? A Wii 2? Or what, I don't think they will ever go back to a N64 or Gamecube system again...

ChickeyCantor3916d ago

they don't go back, they just take it along with their future plans.
Wii still has the structure of the previous consoles. just like the Ps3 and 360 have the structure of their previous consoles.
( controller ports, Disk system, etc.etc.)

wiizy3916d ago

i think they are doing things rush the games are coming and it will only pick up...people fail to realize that the wii has been on the market a year as of this month

[email protected]3916d ago

Did u notice that the Nintendo game sell even more here that Japan? Why not give it the chance to produce a few IP over here natural to the western side of the world. OH, I know cuz Japan hate American products to begin with it and never buy up anything create it for US or Europe maybe. That's my personal opinion here :oP

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