Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review by GameZone - 9.0

GameZone writes:

"Thanks to its charming cast of characters and great production values, Uncharted plays like a good Hollywood blockbuster that's never short on memorable moments and action-packed scenes. It's easy to forgive the game's few weaknesses mainly due to the dazzling visuals, exotic locales and diversity in action that will make gamers glad they bought a PS3. Trust kick yourself if you miss this one."

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Crazyglues3949d ago

I could write a whole blog on this game alone it's amazing - oh speaking of reviews check this out give some feedback -

but yeah if you missed this game then you need to check it out. I was really surprised because I didn't really like the demo, even though I just looked at the demo didn't play it, my brother was playing, and he later decided to buy it.

But what a surprise, the game turned out to be amazing. PS3's best title by far.

ikkokucrisis3949d ago

Yea, the demo never really blew me away either, but I went out and bought it anyway.
Great production value (music, story, dialogue) infused with great technical achievements (gfx, animation, gameplay).

Rent or buy, the game as a whole is worth a try.

games4fun3949d ago

i bought it, first i have to support the dev but mostly because i beat the game on hard and opened up slomo, and some weapons select, playing on crushing right now to unlock unlimited ammo.

my third playthrough will be super slomo with weapons select and full ammo i will have tons of fun with these bonuses for my third playthrough:)

Crazyglues3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Bubbles for you my friend,

that's so cool I'm beating it on hard right now... can't wait to get the slow mo... sounds cool.

I stopped because I was waiting for my rumble controller to arrive since this games supports it and should be really nice with the rumble feature.

hanson5203949d ago

Uncharted is releses taiwan yesterday!!
it's most pop game on here!!
hope sell will

remix3949d ago

you know 360 fanboys will ambush you. although we all know that metacritics missed like 12 reviews for rachet(which is understandable with all the games coming out) but they missed like 3 reviews for uncharted which were all above 90.

so technically rachet averages above 90 and so will uncharted.
but marts theory is that even though 40 plus reviews said rachet was tripple AAA, there wrong according to the marts standards. how sad is that. how the hell can you average opinions in but yea tripple AAA title and i love it oh so much

Hydrollex3949d ago

The story was good until those stupid zombi things appeard and fuked the whole story. The story was realastic until those craps screwd it. Graphic was the best ever. there is no game that can beat the graphic. Souds and soundtracks were amazing. 9.5 would be the best rating for this game.

games4fun3949d ago

its posts like those that ruined the twist for me before i bought it, also fighting zombies is awesome no matter what, and i thought it was a great plot twist.

Korosuke3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I don't think it's a good idea that you post such a comment here for people who don't played yet.

Yeah, actuary, I turned off a bit that point too, but it makes players change their combat style, "cover-popout & shoot" to "run & shoot". And it makes a game more dynamic.

Danja3949d ago

Dude plz when ever ur gonna spill the beans..use *SPOILER ALERT*..alot of ppl haven't played the game nor have gotten to chapter 19 yet..

and I thought that those..creatures gave the game more depth/personality...and it ties into the game becuase of the curse that comes along with the treasure...

The Karate Kid3949d ago

One of the many new franchises on PS3........................... ...

Slayer OP3949d ago

Good reviews. i just wonder why this is a 9 attractor.

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