Eight utterly pointless activities that somehow make Skyrim amazing

OXM's Edwin talks about the stupid things he can't stop doing in Skyrim.

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Lord_Sloth2439d ago

I always sit when I quit as well but I don't hunt for a chair. I just sit down in front of my firepit at my own house.

eak32439d ago

I like the dragging naked bodies around idea and the shouting the crap off the table. Ill have to try both of those.

BattleTorn2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

travelling between towns without using fast-travel or your in-game map.

Very fun, especially when your lost and trying to position where you are on your physical map.

GammaTru2438d ago

My new favourite activity is using the Fire Breath shout on goats when climbing across mountains. Not only does it set these poor goats on fire, but it also flings them cleanly off the mountain too. I can only imagine the horror of falling, flaming goats raining down on the encampments and villages below.