Skyrim Patch Timeframe Unclear; Bethesda Working on Creation Kit and Bug Fixes

GB : There are a lot of issues with Skyrim, and Bethesda is trying to fix them all, but if the issue you have still persists even after the patch, Pete Hines, community manager for Bethesda Games said that he really doesn't know if it it will fix whatever issues people are experiencing.

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yesmynameissumo2440d ago

Bethesda will always release buggy, semi-broken games. They have no reason not to. It's not like their sales suffer.

slayorofgods2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

bugs are pretty minimal for pc. The only complaints I'm seeing is from people with low end gpu's wanting tweak's for better performance. You can't blame Bethesda for that.


o.k. I will agree with the U.I. for pc. It does feel more console crafted then crafted for pc users. I'd file that in poor design not buggy though.

Overall, this is Bethesda's least buggy game so you can't say they don't care.

yesmynameissumo2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Here -

I don't think they don't care. I think they know they are given a pass and will continue to release games now, patch later.

pangitkqb2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )


I remember that article you linked. One of the whiniest, most spoiled rants I've read anywhere in a while. Now, it's not that the piece doesn't have some valid points. The problem lies in the whiny, self-entitled, constantly complaining tone that permeates the whole thing. There is one very simple thing that writer, and you, need to remember:

Bethesda doesn't HAVE to make games, and you don't HAVE to buy them. Nobody owes anyone anything here. The power of a free market. Each of us are as free to produce as good or as bad a product as we want, and nobody has to buy it who doesn't want to.

Instead of wasting all this energy badmouthing Bethesda and a game many others are clearly enjoying, go play another game. Turn that negativity into something more rewarding for yourself.

papashango2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Steam forums are usually filled with angry customers demanding refunds, or trolling. its been accepted that skyrim was being made with consoles in mind and while ui rants exist. They are very minor considering bethesda didn't mess with our options, lock the config files, our disable the console.

All I've been seeing is testaments of how great, awesome, gorgeous this game is. bethesda relies heavily on the tes community to fix the things they want fixed through mods and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. So if you have a whine about the game wait for a mod. If you bought it for conSole and have rants about the game. That's your own damn problem. you're on n4g you know damn well the premier tes experience is on pc

yesmynameissumo2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

There's another side to that coin. Those who aren't enjoying the game. Not b/c it's fantasy or an RPG, but b/c it's buggy and detracts from the fun to be had. It's very true Bethesda doesn't HAVE to make games and I don't HAVE to buy them, but if they are and I do, you damned sure better believe I'll speak on the positives and the negatives. I didn't make the game buggy, they did. I didn't release it before QA could squash the bugs, they did. To act like we shouldn't have anything negative to say, simply b/c other people enjoy it, is beyond small minded. Lots of people like lots of shitty things.

See the comments above yours? No one attacking anybody. Disagreements don't have to be an opening to be a douchebag. Skyrim is hardly a "shit sandwich" nor a beta. Is that all you do, troll?

KingSlayer2439d ago

You people are the reason Bethesda keeps churning out $60 shit sandwiches. You're happy being beta testers.

papashango2439d ago

Btw as a pc gamer that gamasutra rant comes off as someone who hasn't accepted console gamers yet and really mad it's a multiplat. I'm judging a book by his cover here and honestly I dont care if it makes me a douche but he also looks like the type that will never accept consoles in his world.

Fact is console sales matter. fact is console ui is becoming standard. But the fact also remains that bethesda is focused on the creation kit so that we can handle our own business and let them walk the console kids by the hands. If ur a pc gamer u know damn well ur looking for config tweaks, performance tweaks, etc day of a big release. Even before consolization era began. Some fools like this gamasutra author think pc gaming is all rainbows and sunshine and it never has been that way.

With pc gaming you get what you give

slayorofgods2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I'm going to have to agree with papashango.

By now you should know of the Nexus, you know the modding site that includes every Bethesda game. There you can easily find a ui mod.

By being a pc gamer you should thrive on the modding and the performance tweaks. I just can't see why someone would buy Skyrim on a pc over a console if they didn't want to alter or mod the game in some way. PC gamers usually prefer all those hard things normal gamers hate witch includes building or upgraded a gaming rig.

@ yesmynameissumo
The only complaint you've given is UI, so I don't see how your complaint about buggy is even valid any way.

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Letros2439d ago

Creation kit asap would be great, this game is going to transform into a bigger masterpiece than it already is with user added content.

Arnagrim2439d ago

Definitely less buggy than a lot of their other games but there have been a few big issues I've come across.

1.Occasionally character will freeze up, won't animate or draw weapons/take actions but can still move around.

2.Sometimes during autosaves or loading screens the game will just stop.

3. Definitely some memory leaks going on, though not sure what specific actions are causing them. Less noticeable on my PC version where I have 8 gigs of RAM, but on my PS3 version after mass smithing or a few other actions my frame rate will drop to garbage after extended periods of play; I actually have to save, exit the game and go back in order to get a good frame rate again.

Still my personal game of the year.

caboose322439d ago

Yea I get memory leaks every once in a while with the game on my PC. But didn't know it also happened on PS3, thats no bueno.

iMpuTeD2439d ago

ive been playin on pc and smooth sailing now for bout 25 hours.

Series_IIa2439d ago

The only issue I've had with Skyrim was a crash to desktop during the tutorial bit, I shot the bear with an arrow and soon as the arrow touched the bear it crashed... Next time I tried it, it was fine.

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