GameSpot: The Orange Box PS3 hands-on

"First, let's get the frame-rate thing out of the way. Yes, Half-Life 2 has its slowdown troubles, and occasionally they are ugly. Not necessarily "throw your Sixaxis against the wall" bad, but certainly noticeable. Fortunately, these laggy moments are relatively few and far between; for the most part, the game runs just fine on the PS3. But in these moments--for example, when speeding through the sewers of City 17 on the hoverboat as you're being tracked down by the helicopter--the chop can really pick up. Although you might expect some frame-rate issues during a high-speed chase scene, there are moments of relative calm that have frame drops as well, such as at the way station directly after you have blown the battle copter out of the sky. As we crossed the structure so we could open the gate to give our airboat a chance to jump through, the game's frame rate would slow down here and there, despite not much happening onscreen.

After that section, frame rate in the game seemed mostly solid up to Ravenholm, which is as far as we made it in our play-testing. We didn't spend a ton of time in either Episode One or Two, but we did notice some frame-rate issues in both--again, nothing game-killing, but it's certainly something to be aware of. One other thing to keep in mind across all facets of the Half-Life 2 suite (including Episodes One and Two, as well as Portal): You can quicksave your game on the fly at any point by pressing and holding down the start button. You can continue to play the game when quicksaving, but the frame rate sometimes takes a severe hit while doing so, especially if there's a lot happening onscreen."

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wil4hire3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Sorry valve. You lost this customer. I already enjoyed downloading orange box.

I will gladly pay for ut3.

beast3883d ago

I am a big PC gamer, But have already fully paid UT111 thanks to mods on pc which i can bring to ps3 (CANT WAIT) and not just redecorating but FULLY DESIGN MODS. Thanks EPIC for taking care of ps3 coustomers.

jackdoe3883d ago

Beast, I am personally anticipating playing some total conversions on my PS3.

PS3PCFTW3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

who needs this +6 year old, "source engine" FPS when theyre are next gen FPS on the horizon?

do gabe newell a favor and dont give him your money, he has enough TWINKIE money as it is

dantesparda3882d ago

On my 360, and i gotta say, OUTDATED, man does this game look outdated. Very polygonal and [email protected] textures. And rather low res at that too. And the 360 version runs worst than my 5 year-old PC does. It is way to aliased, making it look worst than it does on my PC. I can run it with AAx4 and AFx8 at 1024x768 on my PC and it looks way less aliased then the 360 version. And with about the same framerate.

And damn, the PS3 very is worst than that!? (than the 360 version) WTF!? Let me not even talk about how disgusting Qukae 4 is on the 360 in comparison to on my PC.

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crazy250003883d ago

Im not buying this.......either UT3 or its a dilemma

gtgcoolkid3883d ago

haze got delayed if i am not mistaken

Danja3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Why would I need to buy this for PS3..when I have a PC..which runs the game smoothly..

Nope UT3 will do ....Maybe us PS3 owners should send Gabe WiiFit when it comes out...!!!

BTW..what the hell is up with these it bad..? is it good..?

Is EA paying reviewers to give good word of mouth.?

did 1UP not get a paycheck..?

crazy250003883d ago

if you gave him a Wii he might infect it with one of Microsofts viruses

lol funny comment though

Haze is delayed?!?!??!?! w-0000tttt

Danja3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

LOL..dude can the board even support that dude..without breaking..?

@below..if EA waits till summer to release this game then they might as well cancel it...Gabe/Valve personally did it to spite Sony cuz they're not too fond of the PS3 architecture cuz it doesn't resemble that of the PC..

So what better way to Fvck up the game and not take the blame..send it over to EA of course..!!

Omegasyde3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

If EA knew better they would delay this game a month or so,fix it, and release it.The release should be during a time where typical good games don't come out, like Summer.

v1c1ous3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

think about that

EDIT: disagree?

i even got proof nerds

tplarkin73883d ago

9% seems like a high percentage.

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The story is too old to be commented.