Gears 3 and 800 MSFT Points for $34.99

Best Buy has an outstanding deal for Gears of War 3 going. The price tag of $34.99 on its own is plenty to get excited about, but then throw in 800 MSFT points ($10) for free, and you are talking about Epic savings (terrible pun intended).

Shipping is also free, or you can choose to pick up the game at your local BestBuy.

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fluffydelusions2463d ago

I'm tempted to get it again just for horde mode. I sold it to put the money towards other games.

seinfan2463d ago

I could have waited. DAMN

s8anicslayer2463d ago

Funny how the season pass is $5 less than the game and if you factor in they are throwing in 800 ms points valued at $10 it's like the game is $5 less than the season pass. This season pass nonsense needs to stop already.

gamingdroid2463d ago

It's like crack, the first hit is free! xD