10 of the best 42-inch HD plasmas

To, there's something strangely 'right' about 42-inch plasma TVs these days. Partly it's the size; 42 inches strikes a seemingly perfect balance. It's big enough to realise your home cinema ambitions, yet small enough not to dominate your beautifully designed living room.

Plasma delivers the AV goods more consistently well at this sort of screen size. Though it's a testament to how LCD seems to be winning the battle for the public's hearts and minds that only just found enough 42-inch plasma models still on sale to make this Top 10 possible.

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Parlivus3883d ago

Most of those plasmas won't even do 720P properly let alone 1080P. They're garbage and you definetly wouldn't pay those prices for a HDTV that can't even do 1280x720.

ben8063882d ago

i agree
why anybody would go for these sets over a good samsung or sony lcd tv is just beyond me.