ZTGD | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Michael Futter writes: There is something in our DNA that makes us love an underdog. There is also some perversion of that phenomenon that makes certain people hate the reigning champ. There are a lot of valid reasons to take a pass on the annual Call of Duty installment: you don’t like military shooters, you don’t like playing online, you like playing online but don’t want to hear pre-pubescent kids shouting obscenities and screaming for a chocolate milk (in this case, I would simply recommend the mute and harassment reporting options).

However, if you like shooters, finely tuned competitive modes and one of the best two-player cooperative experiences available, walking away from Call of Duty just because its successful is silly. You’re missing out.

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ssb31732463d ago

A good score for a good game, not the best of games but still a great one that kills off the hours