Making the Xbox 360 More Compatible

How the tables have turned. Before the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 were released, Sony was the one emphasizing how important full backwards compatibility was to the company. The newest models of the PS3, however, do not have any support at all for PS2 games. In contrast, Microsoft continues to add to its library of supported Xbox games, with the latest batch of games being added this week.

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creeping judas3947d ago

why not midtown madness 3 thats all i want for a BC game. i dont care about anything else!!!!

BrianC62343947d ago

Who cares about this really? If playing PS2 games is so important buy a 60GB PS3 right now so you get that feature. As for Xbox games on the 360, does anyone still play Xbox games? There weren't that many worth playing to begin with. I think most Xboxers have moved on.

greenenvy3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

dude, seriously do not act like you are the spokesperson for xbox owners this gen or any gen.............

you totally fail at it. >-O

i still play tons of xbox games, from the classic panzer dragoon orta, to grand theft auto san andreas.

i play chronicles of riddick, burnout, star wars battlefront, castlevania, indigo prophecy, splinter cell (1 &2) plus ninja gaiden, guilty gear x2 reload, freakin' mortal kombat and return to castle wolfenstein.............

not to mention all sorts of other games like star wars knights of the old republic 1 and 2, fable lost chapters, all the morrowind game of the year editions, outrun 2, madden 2006, outlaw golf 2, otogi 2: myths of demons, dungeon & dragons heroes, not to mention the likes of fatal frame 2, ghost recon island thunder, "true crime streets of LA 2", star wars: republic commando, lego star wars: complete saga, jade empire, brute force, halo 2 and halo 1, plus rainbow six: black arrow 1 and 2.............

not to mention other games like, psychonauts, oddworld strangers wrath, dead or alive ultimate, half life 2, doom 3, street fighter collection, megaman anniversary, forza motorsport, prince of persia, soul calibur 2 and pro evolution soccer 4, max payne 2, brothers in arms: road to hell, crimson skies: high road to revenge, mechassault 2, phantom crash, midnight club 2 and far cry instincts, hitman 2 and 3, lord of the rings: battle for the king, unreal championship, call of duty 3 and freedom fighters, tomb raider: legends, kingdom under fire: crusades, mechassault, battlefield 2 modern combat, armed & dangerous and project snowblind.....

SOME of those games are on ps2 also and guess what, the ports suck with framerate trouble so I prefer them ONLY on xbox....

i dont know what the hell u are smoking man, but we xbox owners want all those damn games to be backwards compatible and soon!!!!

especially guilty gear, street fighter collection, brothers in arms, rainbow six black arrow, and freaking star wars battlefront + mechassault 2 and midnight club 2!!!!!!!!

unlike you fool'z we play our games and we want those games backwards compat' period.

i think i have two or three exclusive games for ps2 and i dont buy any of the inferior ports...........i got them all on xbox, and we the 360 crowd want every damn game to be backwards compatible that we can get period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no excuses, so take a hike brian you are in the minority....

SONY is becoming a racist company, I can not support a company so racist against americans.

this is why I only buy playstation products when they're in the bargain bin in the end and am encouraging all europeans to do so.

SONY is blindly lying about americans on national television in JAPAN, and xbox360 deserves good sales there and needs to be better received over there.

despite all this blind racial bias from SONY japan, 360 is doing better in japan and I expect it to continue to mature greater.

but its not good, not good at all to support badly designed foreign products.

until JAPAN greatly embraces the xbox360, we will encourage all europeans & other americans to skip playstation until it hits........

....the bargain bin rack. buy great products and games from xbox360, the hardware will get even better every month!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark093947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )


godofthunder103947d ago

talk about hipacrits,when the ps3 first came out all the ps3 fans and sony were saying how important it is to have backward compatibility with all the ps1 and 2 games,they were even critizing the 360 saying that microsoft doesn't even care about their customers because they want have backward compatibility to all of the original xbox games.
now that sony new model do not have any support at all for PS2 games and microsoft keep adding to their list of backward capatibaly games, all the ps3 fans and sony are saying that it's not important because no one plays the old games and they are even saying that microsoft don't have any good games on the original xbox and no one will play them.
they want it both ways,no matter what sony does it's better then what microsoft does even when microsoft is doing something that the ps3 fans and sony said was real important,like the article above.they can't have it both way,now it's sony that don't care about it's customers and microsoft does and they can't stand it so they try and say the opposite of what sony said at first was wrong just because they stop and microsoft keep adding backward compatibility games to the 360.
like i said above, the ps3 fans always try and spin the truth in favor of the ps3 because they think that the ps3 is a god with out any flaws and the 360 is the devil but they better wake up soon because sony isn't a god and microsoft isn't the devil,they are companies trying to make money and they will spin and lie to do it,hell sony already lied to us with the ps1 and 2,and now the ps3 fans think that they want do it with the ps3.
the truth is that they are both good consoles,the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and they both have problems but i'll admit that the 360 had more problems then the ps3 because i will tell the truth no matter if i have a 360,but sony had a lot of trouble with the ps1 and 2 when they first came out with their took sony till their third generation of their game systems to get it right and it will take microsoft a few just like sony to get the hardware right.
like i said neither system is better then the other but when sony messes up the ps3 fans and sony need to admit their mistake instead of trying to put a spin on it like this story because people will have more respect for them.
i'll admit that i hate buying from forign companies because i belive that it's one of the reason the U.S is going down.years ago they had a slogan buy american,because if we don't it will cause american companies to shut down and cause america to be dependent on forign products and it will help their economy out a lot more then ours.
now we are so dependent on forign companies especially japan for all of our products that we can't upset them because if we do we want have one damn product in the U.S.hell righ now japan allow 3/4 less imports from the U.S that they export to the U.S and that's a big difference and if it was some where else instead of japan we wouldn't allow that to happen.
what i don't understand is how can people still want japan to beat an american company,even when 2 writers from game magazins were interviewed and asked why can't the 360 sell in japan with all the games and they had the nerve to say that the reason was because japanese people are proud of their country and companies in it and they buy fron japan to support their economy out and they especially hate to buy american products.well i admit that i didn't care for sony to begin with but after that i hate them.what i don't understand is how americans still want a company from japan to beat an american company.
well i agree with hennery rollins,they have the U.S over a barrel f**king it dry and the U.S want stop it and it's about time we do.

candystop3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Good read Greenenvy and Godofthunder and so true!

DEIx15x83947d ago

Yeah, Midtown Madness 3 is the only game i'm waiting to play on my 360. All the other xbox games were already added. MM3 is still the most fun i've ever had on Xbox Live!

CrashSharc3946d ago

You guys DO realize that the 80/60GB is backwards compatible right? And that MS is using BC to drain MORE money out of you right? Atleast I don't have to repurchase my games to play them....

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Mikey_Gee3947d ago

Hasting Paintball Max'd


jack who3947d ago

Sony was the one emphasising how important full backwards compatibility was to the company. The newest models of the PS3, however, do not have any support at all for PS2 games.

yeah sony what happend is BC last gen too?

mark093947d ago

Your obviously too dumb to get any facts straight so ill refrain from enlightening you with some knowledgeable facts.

BloodySinner3947d ago

What makes him to dumb? Please tell us. Because the only idiot around here is you. Jack is totally right.

mark093946d ago

"The newest models of the PS3, however, do not have any support at all for PS2 games."

OatLoops3947d ago

Is the Arcade/Core version backwards compatible?

Covenant3947d ago

If you get a hard drive, then yes. Otherwise, no.

CrazzyMan3947d ago

Is the PS3 40GB version backwards compatible?
just get a 60/80GB which is 100$ more(just like x360 hdd).

JasonPC360PS3Wii3947d ago

The core only needs a hard drive but the 40gb forces you to buy a more expensive PS3.

candystop3947d ago

Sorry but the 360 is a better deal no matter how you spin it and like jason360 said you can buy the core 360 and save a good amount of cash!

gta_cb3947d ago

if you bought the Arcade SKU which has the 512MB memory stick you can play original Xbox games... cant you? ... im sure you can, and if you can then its a better deal, i wouldnt know as i have the premium SKU

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PimpHandHappy3947d ago

the xbox only sold 22mil units

therefor not that many ppl have that moster useless box sitting around anymore.

My PS2 still sits right next to my PS3

Atleast u can get a little tiny PS2 slim that fits into any travel bag for 150bucks

cant say the same for the xbox

C_SoL3947d ago

damn i never knew that...
there goes my bubbles..(:D

InMyOpinion3947d ago

The interesting question is: Why did Sony drop backwards compability on the 40gb model?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3947d ago

That would be about $550 and cost more than the 60gb model. Seems to me that some of you Droids don't mind having Sony's ---- in your --- but hey it plays Blu-Ray movies and "Ridge Racer!"

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