Halo still "a perfectly modern shooter" - 343

343 Industries say they didn’t have to change Halo’s gameplay for Anniversary because, once the new graphics engine was applied, the game didn’t feel dated in any way.

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Rageanitus2377d ago

Ummm NO,

Even during the time it was released it was just copying many things that were already done on FPS's.

I can only see this statement as true if we consider all games in 720p to be modern ;)

TheEatingVodka2377d ago

Are you kidding or being serious?

egidem2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Ah, mate you forgot to add an "/s" at the end of your comment. Do it before your edit feature disappears for good!

Edit: See what I just did? Now it's your turn! :D

Rageanitus2377d ago

I guess ppl did not see the wink

RedDead2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Ok Halo is being overrated now. it's was good back when it came out too. But it really did NOTHING new. It simply brought a good control scheme to Consoles and closed the gap with Pc and console's for FPS(still they are not closed completely, just closer). It was not ambitious in any way other than that. Take a look at the games out before it and you'll see how ambitious it wasn't. one thing it can be given credit for is only two guns scheme but that's it really.

Fishy Fingers2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Control wise, I thought it was an original stipulation of MS, that the control/feels remained the same anyway. While he's obviously happy with what the team have done, I think he's getting a little carried away:

"You come out of a session feeling like you played a modern triple-A shooter"

Even with the updated visuals (which are far from todays standards still) the game is still well to stripped back to compete with modern day shooters in my opinion. Just compare it to the options and features you'd find in Halo 3, by its own merit, a dated game.

They've done a wonderful job, but lets not kid ourselves, this is an old game, albeit a legendary one, with a fresh coat of paint. It isnt comparable to the biggest and best of today. IMO any.

Hense any reference in reviews to modern day shooters upsetting some.

StanLee2377d ago

I think this has been the reason for many of the harsher reviews as well. It's not a new game, it's not a modern game. It's an old game remastered. Console fps' have made great strides since Halo was first released and while it's still a great story, the design feels dated. You can't compare it to a modern shooter.

BinaryMind2377d ago

I'm glad 343 realized this. Though this what I have been thinking for years. When you look passed the graphics, CE is a vast, ambitious game that even Bungie (or anyone else, except possibly Valve) never managed to match with its sequels.

Jdoki2377d ago

I'm not sure that's a positive endorsement of Halo, or a negative statement on the lack of innovation in the FPS genre.

Halo CE was always the best of the series in my opinion, except for the Library section, so no surprise it's stood up well.

The Meerkat2377d ago

No 'Modern' shooter has given me goose bumps.
Halo CE speaks to me on a level that no other game can.

Fishy Fingers2377d ago

Nostalgia perhaps. Takes you (me) back to where I was 10 years ago.

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