Free Skills Training Cheat in Skyrim

PS3Center writes: "If you read our review for Skyrim, you may already know about this, but those that haven't, here is a little "cheat" that will get you free skills training in the game."

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360ICE2347d ago

Awwww yeah! This will enhance my gaming experience tenfold!

FlashBack2347d ago won't give you any feeling of accomplishment...

gaffyh2347d ago

Well, tbh, it's only going to do one skill, plus you still have to wait to do it after each level up.

theonlylolking2347d ago

The feeling of accomplishment is overrated.

Spitfire_Riggz2347d ago

Son of a biscuit! I chose Sven and now that stupid nord is my follower =(

Whats funny is im a wood elf like faedenhal lmao