Quick Fix for PS3′s Skyrim Problem

This remedy can’t solve all of the game’s problems, but for PS3 owners, it can take care of what has been the biggest issue so far.

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stormeagle62470d ago

Wow, what a lame bug. Didn't they see this coming when they programmed the game? Hopefully it can be patched.

knifefight2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

On the one hand, I say "hopefully it can be patched" and meanwhile, this is a painful reminder of how much I hate "release now, patch later" mentality that plagues so many games. =/

Heartnet2470d ago

Either that or wait a few months so you can play the game

Blackdeath_6632470d ago

its inevitable with a game like skyrim.

Anon19742470d ago

It's better than games shipping broken and there being nothing you can do about it like in the old days.

frostypants2470d ago

Yeah, they've been like this since the 1990s. They can't create a stable game to save their lives.

Crystallis2470d ago

Totally agree..Ive stated this numerous times.

Ocelot5252470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I am a programmer and I just exploded out of anger.

This is a memory leak caused by pointers and sh!t. (I won't explain that, you guys wouldn't understand, no offence)

This is a problem for many programs written in low-level programming languages. The orange box also had this problem on the PS3. FO3 also had this.

"that will refresh your system and clear the game’s mind of those houses of bandits and out-of-the-way caves you decided to dive into" this article is written by a computer idiot

imoutofthecontest2470d ago

Teach us more about how awesome you are.

Ocelot5252469d ago

"Teach us more about how awesome you are."

All in good time my friend.

but seriously, I'm just allergic to computer BS on the internet

zeddy2470d ago

last night i was riding my horse to somewhere and the game suddenly quit straight to the xmb...wierd.

A-Glorious-Dawn2470d ago

this is weird.

I play on PC and there are times, not that often, that the game just shuts down, no error messages or anything, Im just left on the desktop as if nothing happened...

Sev2470d ago

The bugs are more dangerous than the dragons.

frostypants2470d ago

Yeah, has anyone actually had a HARD dragon battle yet? I've had 3 and they've all been stupidly simple.

BigBoss072470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Yes, Elder Dragons. You don't won't to mess with those beasties unless your of decent level and even then they're still pretty tough. I have my difficulty on the hardest setting as well.

Neo Nugget2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

They've always spawned near archer NPCs who have no problem with helping me out xD

eak32470d ago

I've only dealt with the blue wimpy dragons. Apparently later on you run into the big daddys who will eat you for breakfast. THat being said I had terrible luck today fighting a dragon, I was by myself and during the fight startled a cave bear and a sabre cat. FML

gnb20032470d ago

Thats funny eak, because just today I had a weirdly lucky dragon encounter. I was exploring some of the forests outside of Winterhold, when a dragon pounced on me. I was caught off guard, and thought that the dragon would wipe me, but just as I started to flee, the dragon got tangled up fighting a giant, which bonked the dragon good. Easiest dragon fight ever, didn't have to lift a finger.

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Yukicore2470d ago

Wait, so this cache is for one session only, all memory/cache of fallen enemy positions etc. refreshes when you quit and reload game? Or no?

If yes it is pretty fine, with Fallout 3 you could just say that is is Game Over, when the game started to lag.

Zynga2470d ago

What about the blur effect that affects the textures? Come on Bethesda fix this bc this is unfair on how F3 and FNV didn't have this. :(

Biggest2470d ago

They had every OTHER bug and glitch.

Zynga2470d ago

Apparently the game still runs crappy when you start putting more hours into it. So I don't see your point in how different it is.

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