Microsoft May Benefit from Nintendo Shortages

As Nintendo shatters its own sales records, a lack of supply is hurting third-party software vendors, making this holiday season ripe for blockbuster releases on Microsoft's Xbox 360, according to one analyst.

"Gears of War was the Xbox 360's first $100 million opening week, and Halo 3 saw this figure rise nearly threefold," said analyst Todd Mitchell of Kaufman Brothers. "With the strongest line-up of games we expect a feedback effect to positively impact the Xbox 360's momentum through the holidays."

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unsunghero283917d ago

If someone really wants Super Mario Galaxy or Wii Sports, there isn't a whole lot the 360 can do to turn them off.

I say that acknowledging that the Wii is without a Mass Effect, BioShock, or Halo 3.

Mr Marbles3916d ago

Supermario doesn't matter to the 360, when all the dust settles in 2010, I think the 360 will turn out to be the greatest console to ever exist, if it keeps making loads of cash like this for developers, it will get hundreds more games in the future, not to mention all the XBLA games and content. It already is arguably one of the greatest consoles ever, and has had the greatest Christmas portfolio of games this xmas.

unsunghero283916d ago

No offense dude, but I don't think the 360 will be seen as the greatest console ever.

Granted, it is home to some of the best games ever. But by no stretch of the imagination is the 360- with its time-bomb like design- anywhere close to the best console ever.

I'm not saying that as a flamer, because trust me I hate flamers. But you need to be seriously blind to ignore the missteps MS made in order to give the 360 its year head start.

wiizy3916d ago

when its all over...wii will be the greatest system for bringing something fresh...but xbox360 will sell well..