GAME suffers from "extraordinary" economic times

Game, which has closed 37 stores this year, has blamed decreased sales and revenue on what it describes as "extraordinary" economic conditions.

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hiredhelp2436d ago

I hope you all close down. And a new store opens up cos you all out to rip consumers off,take advantage of the kids.
Real reason i beleave loss sales cos the internet gaming stores like,,,gameplay.c and many many more.

iamnsuperman2436d ago

It is a little different keeping stores than online only retailers. They are not taking advantage more needed the money to keep stores open. They did do a bit of a move taking over gamestation but to be honest game only shops are in decline because of the supermarkets. Why should I spend £40 for a game when sainsburys does it for £20 odd (day one). The supermarkets can afford to do this though (supermarket model-other items take up the slack). Game only shops will be gone because they cannot compete with online nor supermarkets.