Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest (Critical Gamer review)

Critical Gamer writes: Remember the part of the PlayStation Move tech demo that actually looked kind of interesting? Where the skeletons were fought off with a sword, shield, bow and arrow? Looks like somebody at Sony was rather impressed too; it seems that the idea was made a touch more family friendly, and eventually grew into Medieval Moves.

We’d like to explain the presence of all the animated, dressed, talking skeletons that you’ll be killing; and also how and why your character turns from Edmund the boy prince into – wait for it – Deadmund the boy skeleton (fetch a needle and thread, for our proverbial sides have split). We’d like to explain all that, but that would require watching all the story scenes, which we quite simply could not do. For the first time ever, we even skipped most of a game’s ending. The static pictures look like hastily sketched concept art, the script is dull and peppered with jokes nobody but the writers could possibly find funny, and the acting is consistently half-arsed. The gist is: cursed villagers; “freeing” rather than killing skeletons; magical amulet broken into pieces; evil magician; and so on and so forth.

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