5 Things Skyrim Improved Over Oblivion

Skyrim is unlike any of the other anticipated games I’ve seen this year. When you scrolled through comments, whether YouTube or your favorite game news media site, Skyrim‘s fans were more than happy to remind us that Skyrim was coming, either through a simple reminder or a more brazen, “Skyrim!” scrawled across their post in all caps.

And why not? The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was widely loved for its humongous fantasy world which offers a plethora of things to do in any fashion you see fit. While you could still play Oblivion now and enjoy it, it certainly shows its age, especially when juxtaposed to it’s new sibling, Skyrim.

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mrsatan2410d ago

This game easily improves on more than 5 things from Oblivion. The game is so much better than Oblivion it really amazes me. Other developers should take note of the radical changes and fresh ideas Bethesda took a chance on implementing. The game is just that good.

Trenta272410d ago

It blows my mind how much was improved. I think the Fallout series helped them out in a lot of ways. I hope the next Fallout is like Skyrim and blows everyone away.

iMpuTeD2410d ago

agreed after playin this i cant wait to see what they do for fallout 4 or heck where the next elder scrolls game will take place.