Capcom joins Origin; SSF4: AE and DR2: Off The Record available through EA's distribution service

DSOGaming writes: "As promised, Origin is extending its catalogue with third-party games and it’s time now for Capcom to jump on the ’Origin-wagon’. The giant Japanese company is offering the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record through EA’s digital distribution service. And their price you ask? Exactly the same as with the Steam ones."

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pucpop2469d ago

Why? Steam is much user friendly and has Valves talent of infrastructure.

Pandamobile2469d ago

Why not get your games on more platforms when it's that easy?

arnyftw2469d ago

I wonder how much EA paid them to do this.

Hufandpuf2469d ago

They're adding more games and updating the service so that it'll suck less. I swear, consumers are really the ones that stop progress and fear change, not the developers.