Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: A Fanboy’s Review [MediaStinger]

Find out why Activision's annual serving of S.S.D.D. finally got on one fanboy's nerves.

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AntiTroll2435d ago

Call of Derpy: Modern Mohawk.

ImSoHeavy2435d ago

So how long until they just stop with all the names and start going with the Madden naming format of Call of Duty 2012, Call of Duty 2013, and so on?

Joe_Grizzly2435d ago

I'd give it a couple more years. Call of Duty 2014 sounds about right.

AngryVGN2435d ago

Not likely 2014 will be Black Ops 2

ssb31732429d ago

A good score for a good game, not the best of games but still a great one that kills off the hours