Mass Effect Review by Extreme Gamer (9.6/10)

Here is the lowdown:

"Mass Effect effectively immerses gamers into a rich universe filled with interstellar conflict, planetary exploration and intense combat situations. The emotionally charged plot line digs deep within the player questioning humanities role in the galaxy. Mass Effect isn't without its flaws, but when you have a complete project on the scale of Mass Effect these flaws fade into the background. Bioware has made another successful role-playing game that will please fans of the genre, science fiction advocates and any gamer who is looking for an engaging new experience."

+ Amazing Script, voice acting, soundtrack, and dialog interface
+ Impressive graphics and creativity in design
+ Interesting characters, deep background development
+ Freedom to Explore and discover new worlds
+ High level of customization

- Combat needed to be smoothed out and balanced
- Minor framerate issues during combat
- Enemy and team A.I. could have been improved

• Gameplay: 9
• Graphics:10
• Sound: 10
• Innovation: 9
• Mojo: 10
• Final: 9.6 / 10

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solidt123827d ago

I keep seeing a lot of great reviews for this game and my co-worker called in sick today so he can complete it. He does not normally do that and based on him calling in to play it I say this game is a buy.

Killer B3827d ago

I've been playing this game since it came out and it's great. I played for 12 hours the day after Thanksgiving... It's hard to put down and huge. I'm still not done, but taking my time w/ side quests and what not. One of the best games on the 360 so far. Definetly a GOTY contender.