Review: Hasbro Family Game Night 4 | G3AR

Not content with having just three iterations of their family board game compilations, the Hasbro Family Game Night series returns for another round of face-offs, challenges, and fastest-fingers-first exercises. But with their catalogue of board games all but exhausted, this latest version takes its cues from the Family Game Night television series – a series that will very likely only be familiar to US residents. Changing up familiar versions of a few very popular board games, the TV show apparently enjoyed moderate success by twisting the rules of these games in an attempt to breathe some life into these tried and tested formulas. Hasbro’s Family Game Night 4 then is the obvious attempt to capitalize on the show’s success, and while it may help to have some prior knowledge of the mechanics of these alternate versions, it’s all still very elementary and will be picked up by novice players in no time at all.

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