New AMD driver promises to improve Saints Row: The Third performance

DSOGaming writes: "Saints Row: The Third has just been released and a lot of PC gamers are experiencing low performance with AMD’s hardware. Before you jump to early conclusions, no. This is not a hasty port like Saints Row 2. This time around, the problem is with AMD’s drivers as Nvidia’s users are enjoying the game in its full glory as we speak."

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SnakeCQC2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

wasn't this an amd game? WTF!

NYC_Gamer2467d ago

it was?wow,and still driver issues.

spartan_dx2467d ago

Patches and stuff like this are the reason I dont buy day one anymore or least give me more reason not to.

kevnb2467d ago

stick with nvidia for day 1. AMD often doesnt fix games that arent as popular too, it feels like they are understaffed or just not competent.

iamgoatman2467d ago

Nvidia certainly aren't perfect either, and have had their fair share of problems when it comes to new releases. Also if you want to talk about competency, I can point you to a bunch of articles about those notorious Nvidia drivers that fried cards.

But lately AMD driver support has been seriously lacking, I just hope they can get back up to standard soon, because earlier in the year they were actually very good.

SnakeCQC2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

this is the opnly game ive only ever had problems with, for the most part my msi r6850 works like a champ. Tbh saints row 3 wasn't going to be played much with skyrim just having being released

kevnb2466d ago

Ive used both, and Im actually happy I downgraded through trade from a 5850 to a 460. Nvidia isnt perfect, but they have much better driver support in not only windows but leaps and bounds better for linux.