Six reasons the Xbox is the best system of all time

GamesRadar writes: "Ten years ago today, Microsoft released the original Xbox in North America. While it was far from the best-selling console of all time, moving a relatively meager 25 million consoles, the system was still groundbreaking in a number of ways. It also set up Microsoft to release their next system, the Xbox 360, which would beat the competition to retail by nearly a year. But how did Microsoft, a company that had never even dabbled in game consoles, go from nothing to great success in so little time?

We, naturally, have the answers. While some might argue that the PlayStation 2 (check out Six reasons the PS2 is the best console of all time) or the GameCube were the greatest consoles ever, there's definitely grounds to make that argument for the original Xbox as well, and we have compiled six reasons the original Xbox is, indeed, the best console of all time."

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xPhearR3dx2380d ago

Despite the great things it did for the industry, I still hated it. Hated it with a passion. Last gen the PS2 was a friggin' boss. SOCOM 1 and 2 are still some of best gaming memories. This gen the 360 is my personal favorite. They got the controller perfect, and XBL as a service is exactly what I want with a few minor annoyances.

Abash2380d ago

I struggled to find games I wanted to play on my Xbox.

Infernostew2379d ago

Especially since 99% of the games that were on xbox were also on PC.

Micro_Sony2379d ago

wow...Lots of PS3 fans in this article.

ChrisW2378d ago

"Especially since 99% of the games that were on xbox were also on PC."

Yeah... except Halo was ported to the PC two years after its release on the Xbox, not the other way around like you're implying.

sh0ryuu2378d ago

Yeah... except Halo was ported to the PC two years after its release on the Xbox, not the other way around like you're implying. "

Except that he implied no release order.

ChrisW2378d ago


"were also on PC"

If you want to get technical; the usage of 'were' in this situation actually implies that they released for the PC before being on the Xbox.

"are also on PC"

Would be the best way to convey 'no release order'. Now mind you, this is not a case of "I reject your reality and substitute my own." It's case of simple semantics.

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JsonHenry2379d ago

When the xbox started releasing games like Rainbow Six I couldn't help but let my PS2 sit and collect dust. The online experience was just soooo much better on the xbox back then. Eventually I sold the old PS2 for a PSP.

PirateThom2379d ago

I only ever played Halo on PC, not on XBox.... this, to me, is the main problem the XBox had, its best games were, for the most part, on PC and they all had pretty reasonable requirements to run.

Actually, I tell a lie, I played Halo at a demo booth in a store and though it was pretty meh... but it was at a Warthog section.

spicelicka2379d ago

I for some reason hated the ps2, it had some hugely popular games but in the shooters departement xbox was insanely ahead.

Besides halo and xbox live, it ruled the FPS genre and the hardcore market with games like half life 2, doom 3, farcry, republic commando, etc. specially cuz of the tight analog sticks.

Anon19742379d ago

The Xbox was by far my favorite console last gen. I liked that developers weren't afraid to push the hardware. It was more powerful developers took advantage of it. It wasn't a big deal.

I think that's the way it should be. Play to a console's strengths. None of this "We won't do business with you if your game looks better on the other platform" crap.

I was against paying to play online when XBL first came out as I was a PC gamer and used to getting my online fix for free - but aside from that I played my Xbox a tonne. I tried out XBL for a bit but found I didn't play it enough to justify the purchase. Gave it another shot on the 360 and came to the same conclusion - not worth the price of a game.

Wintersun6162378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

What did it do to you to make you hate it? Lol.

It was a great console. Even though PS2's library appealed to me more, and thus never got one for myself. But I have some fond memories playing an Xbox with my friends. I wouldn't say that Xbox is the best system of all time though, but to each his own.

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GribbleGrunger2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

dear lord

most important, least successful.

you can't have both! what a stupid site

here's my reasons the PS2 was the greatest console ever made:

1 it brought gaming to the masses
2 it had the best controller ever made
3 it had the most diverse library of games
4 it invented controllerless gaming
5 it sold 140 million!

Shok2380d ago

I think the GameCube had it's wireless controller first, but yea, everything else you said was spot on, though I can't decide between the PS2 and SNES.

GribbleGrunger2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

yeah but the PS1 and the PS2 made the controller so ergonomically perfect that it was and is impossible to better. every button and stick is placed exactly where you would naturally put your fingers...

however, the one thing i will say for the xbox is it did bring online to consoles with a finesse that has only just been matched

Iroquois_Pliskin2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Wait, what?

nycredude2379d ago Show
BuffMordecai2378d ago


I've heard better comebacks from a turkey sandwich.

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SuicidalTendencies2379d ago

"1 it brought gaming to the masses"
The NES did that a long time ago.

"2 it had the best controller ever made"
This is an opinion. It can't be stated as a fact. I personally love the SEGA Saturn controller.

"3 it had the most diverse library of games"
It also had a ton of shit games. It had more kiddy games than the N64 & Gamecube combined.

"4 it invented controllerless gaming"
Who the fuck cares?

"5 it sold 140 million!"
I would bet at least 90 million of them people bought it for the DVD functions. I know I did.

KwietStorm2379d ago

So the controller thing is an opinion, but what you said are all facts. Right-o.

cyborg69712379d ago

Hopefully your tendencies catch up with you.

And you think 90 million bought it just for dvd. That's the same bot excuse for the ps3, and terribly wrong.

SuicidalTendencies2379d ago


3 of them are facts, one is a question, and one is a fairly accurate guess.


Everyone I know bought a PS2 mainly for the DVD player. It sure as hell wasn't a coincidence that the PS2 had a low attach rate. username is the name of a awesome band. You should check them out.

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Rageanitus2379d ago

there is only one reason the ps2 is the best console ever made.... It sold the most and ppl recognized it as more than just a gaming machine.... it is a all in one entertainment machine.

darthv722379d ago

"It sold the most and ppl recognized it as more than just a gaming machine"

I can see that most (at first) bought it for the dvd but after regular players got dirt cheap i dont see how this statement makes any sense.

It played games pure and simple. It didnt have a dedicated online structure. Hell even the dreamcast beat it at that.

Also, those are two reasons not one. Just FYI.

Bob5702379d ago

"most important, least successful.

you can't have both! what a stupid site"

Ever heard of Call of Duty? Yeah, it's the best selling franchise of all time. And we all know that Call of Duty 4 was the only good one since 2007.

"1 it brought gaming to the masses" Consoles in general brought gaming to the masses, not just the PS2.

"2 it had the best controller ever made" Actually, that controller was first made for PS1, so give credit where credit is due. Also, this is an opinion, I started console gaming on the PS1 with the Dualshock controller being the first controller I've ever used for a console, and I am of the opinion that the 360 has the best controller ever made.

"3 it had the most diverse library of games " It had some good titles I'll give it that.

"4 it invented controllerless gaming" Since when was this a good thing? If anything it should be a reason to look down upon the PS2.

"5 it sold 140 million!" Call of Duty is the best selling game franchise ever. So that doesn't mean much when we talk about real gamers.

SheenuTheLegend2379d ago

great i agree but its 160 million now

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360ICE2380d ago

1. It brought shooters to console for real.
Ah, okay. So Goldeneye 64 and all the others before didn't bring shooters to console FOR REAL. Come on, it's just the online that makes this the console that brought shooters along for real.

2, 3 I pretty much agree with, but again 360 was the console to actually do this well.

4, 5, 6 Hardly anything that would define it as the best console ever. 4 and 6 had already been done countless times and 5 is true, but so what. It changed the market a little, it didn't really do that before the 360.

So we're left with one really good reason and one not so good reasons. Nope, PS2 with the most diverse library of all time and brought gaming to everyone, PS1 which made discs the industry standard, brought along the industry standard of controllers and brought gaming to adults or NES, Mega Drive, SNES, 360, PS3, Wii, the list goes on with consoles that would be better on a list like this

zeal0us2380d ago

"best system of all time"

I really hate this phrase.....

50yrs from now there will be multiple "best system of all time"

Optical_Matrix2380d ago

Lol I personally think that honor is still held by the PS2. Anyways, I agree with 2, 4 and 5. But even then, the 360 is a lot more credible as the reason those 3 points came to be what they are. As for bringing shooters to consoles? No it didn't. It just opened up the world of online competitive multiplayer to the mass market, which would come until point 2 really.

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