Original Gamer Review: PETA's Super Tanooki Skin 2D Review

Original Gamer: "8-Bit Eric takes a look at one of the rarest cartridges for the NES library, the Maxi 15. A 15 game multicart featuring some of the best/worst/rarest unlicensed games in the NES life time. Chiller, Menace Beach, Puzzle, Tiles of Fate, Krazy Kreatures, Venice Beach Volleyball, Dudes with Attitude, F-15 City War, Pyramid, and a couple others make up the collection that is the Maxi 15 cartridge."

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360ICE2465d ago

Terrible core mechanics and boring design.Also, the story sucks - really, skinning Tanooki sends a message that wearing fur is ok? - and the music is unpleasant.

So yeah, I agree with this guy.

And Nintendo should definitely sue PETA. They probably won't, beacuse, hey, not everybody gets upset by the smallest details, but this is copyright infringement AND milseading consumers with an inferior product.

Brasi822464d ago

I must also add to your comment that the PETA game does not make me want stop wearing fur or stop eating animals. Actaully it made me hungry for bacon and eggs. People for Eating Tasty Animals unite!!!

360ICE2464d ago

Yeah, if anything this made me feel like stealing clothes from Italians!
In the middle of the recession and everything