GameSpot Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Review

GameSpot writes: "The good elements do outweigh the bad in Skyward Sword, creating another engrossing experience in this venerable franchise. Strong visual design meshes the cartoony world of Wind Waker with the more realistic approach offered by Twilight Princess, and the riveting orchestral soundtrack brings back many classic tracks while offering a few tasty new ones. However, the formula is beginning to show its age. There just aren't enough new ideas to separate Skyward Sword from its predecessors, and the few additions come with mixed results. Even with many bright spots, Skyward Sword still feels like a nostalgic retread. Those yearning for something new will be disappointed, but anyone thirsty for another exciting adventure will find plenty to enjoy here."

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Mohdunknown2467d ago

Do you guys remember the shit storm that happened in 06 when GS gave Twilight Princess a 8.8??

Yeah prepare for another shit storm

-Alpha2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

LOL! But a lot of the Nintendo fans are gone from the Twilight days, so that commotion just isn't there. This is a real shocker score, considering how much praise its been getting.

McShea must want to die or something-- remember, PS3 fans already hate him for the inFamous 2 review. People were in a riot over that.

At least PS3 and Wii fans can unite in hatred?

StanLee2467d ago

Yeah, they're going to burn Gamespot down.

Winter47th2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

I guess he played this game expecting to get an Advanced UAV after 8 kills. Wrong disk, bruh.

Danteh2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )


WTF is wrong with gamespot?? seriously, I trusted them before for reviews but after both Edge and IGN gave Zelda: SW a 10 I really, really, really doubt this review is correct

blaaah2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

GameSpot has no credibility left now. They are just fanboys looking for hits and they want every game to be like elder scrolls or fallout.... they should just close down before they embarrass themselves even moar.

Tom mcshea should be stabbed to death for this blasphemy not to mention chucked into a pit with molten lava.. I mean HOW COULD HE! Skyward Sword is getting perfect scores all across the globe but this one little man has the balls to take money from da competitorz!!?

Where r u lulzsec?!??? Hack their website and bring em boys dowwn!!!!

Motorola2467d ago

^ They have no credibility according to who? You?

Drake1172467d ago

Looks like People are finally judging Zelda on the same scale as every other game.

-Alpha2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )


What are you talking about? It's just one reviewer, the rest have been praising this game to high heavens

Drake1172467d ago

ok then looks like SOME people are finally judging Zelda on the same scale as every other game.

kramun2467d ago

'LOL! But a lot of the Nintendo fans are gone from the Twilight days'

Just wondering, how do you know this?

Sillyace922466d ago


Yeah it seems that nintendo games get a free pass from review sites, but I've never played any games for the Wii so maybe they're right.

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Jobesy2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

1000° article of insane rants in comment section incoming.

GribbleGrunger2467d ago

80 million waggling controllers as we speak

miyamoto2467d ago

then generation is really screwed up...

Two of the biggest things that matters now in video games are:

1.) Sales Figures
2.) Reviews

Whatever happened to the games themselves?
Much more the fun in playing them?

Or do games matter anymore?

I know games don't matter to corporate heads as much as net income does but if games don't matter to gamers anymore...what is becoming of this industry.

Now I remember why Nintendo-Sega-Sony kept the figures to themselves during the 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, and 128-bit Japanese Era of gaming.

They knew this crap would happen!

Sad thing is these bloggers are making money out of this crap and we are feeding them.
This site's and western companies don't give spit about the truth, facts and responsible journalism they just want money.

End of rant.

stragomccloud2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

I like how you actually marked the end of the rant. Kudos and bubbles for you!

Loadedklip2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

If a game is great and you love it but it doesn't sell and/or got bad reviews ... you don't get a sequel to the game you love and instead that company decides to make another generic FPS that sells at lot more even though it sucks. Do you see why sales and possibly reviews matter?

Example ... I loved Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 ... where is part 3???? Oh wait ... it didn't sell well so Capcom abandoned the series or could careless about the series.

In this case though ... it doesn't matter what gamespot gave Zelda ... Zelda still has a 93/94 on gamerankings/metacritic and will sell 5 million.

Eamon2467d ago

Looks like Gamespot are upset they weren't sent a cheque with the review copy.

ssb31732462d ago

LOOL, but its amazing how many reviewers are corrupted with the bribery system nowadays

Shnazzyone2467d ago

Scumbag Gamespot,

Rates Skyward sword 7.5 for being a rehashed and using too much from prior games.

Rates MW3 an 8.5.

NiteX2467d ago

Yeah I will never understand the lack of communication with review sites. One reviewer can't praise the $60 map pack know as MW3, while the other disses a game for trying to remain classic. It just looks foolish.

PSX992467d ago

Not the same review guy.

Anon19742467d ago

These issues they speak about was what I was afraid of. I hate the Wii-Mote. In the two years I owned a Wii, I felt guilty as hell, because I've always been a huge Nintendo fan but I just couldn't stand the inaccuracy and the frustration I continually experienced using the Wii-mote. I'll never forget my wife's reaction to using it playing Zelda: TP. "I'm not going to have to point this stupid thing at the screen the entire time I'm playing, am I?"

Sadly, that was the case. Trouble moving the character, losing the pointer at the edges of the screen and fighting to relocate it - it was just a mess, and now I'm sitting out another Zelda game because Nintendo couldn't bother making the Wii-mote waggle controls optional.

Not that it seemed to hurt their sales any, but this is one longtime fan that is, reluctantly, sidelined from enjoying future titles until they get back to a real controller. Just my two cents.

SilentNegotiator2466d ago

Who cares, really? Zelda games are ridiculously similar, and if one reviewer actually calls them out for it, then good for him. Meanwhile, the other thousands of journalists that need to keep big publishers happy to continue making money on ad revenue will have no such thing to mention, and a 9+ like the other 95% of their reviews.

And if all you want is another carbon copy Zelda adventure, then go ahead and go get your pitchforks and torches.

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coolbeans2467d ago

Todd Mcshea has some new enemies.

Tewi-Inaba2467d ago

and suddenly gamespot traffic went to the room

dotwithshoes2467d ago

What better way to get traffic to your site than to go the exact opposite of the rest of the crowd, even if by doing so you lose what ever integrity you had left.

NewMonday2467d ago

it worked, I clicked, sorry but couldn't help it

GupX19A2467d ago

Gamepot: all games should be like fallout or elders scroll

Theyellowflash302467d ago

No thats actually True. It seems like McShea is just hating on Zelda cause HE personally doesn't like the game or doesn't feel it does things new enough. That doesn't mean its fact. There are many additions that Zelda fans can get excited about. Dashing, New Game Plus, Wii Motion Plus support, sections without your sword, ect. I know Im not going to let his review ruin my experience on Sunday. He doesn't really like these type of games. Like the guy said above he is more of a Fallout and Elders Scrolls guy which McShea has even said himself those are his favorite games. I think he wants Zelda to turn into Elder Scrolls and when it didn't he was disappointed. I for one like Zelda the way it is and there is enough new things to keep me happy with Skyward Sword. So Here is to Zelda being Zelda!

Tachyon_Nova2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

@ above - "It seems like McShea is just hating on Zelda cause HE personally doesn't like the game..."

Did you seriously just say that? If he doesnt like the game, would that not be a perfectly good reason to mark a game down?

CoD5112467d ago

Not really. Reviews are meant to be as objective as possible.

Disccordia2467d ago

The review is surely supposed to be this guys opinion

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