Is It Fair to Dismiss PETA's Issues With Gaming Yet Not Dismiss Feminist Issues With Gaming?

Original Gamer: "When PETA brings up issues about gaming, everyone says their crazy. When women groups bring up issues with gaming, people demand that we must discuss sexism in games. Why are we so dismissive over one groups simplistic view on video games, and yet receptive to another group's simplistic view on video games?"

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MultiConsoleGamer2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Feminists and PETA supporters. I don't care for either.

And the PETA/Mario thing is a viral. God kids, get with the times. Nothing is real anymore.

KingPin2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

i say if people cant distinguish the difference between whats realistically possible in games and what isn't, they shouldn't be walking around freely among society. PERIOD!!

cpayne932439d ago

Well the whole over sexualization of women is kind of controversial...but saying Mario promotes wearing animals skins is just stupid. Duke Nukem is offensive, it tries to be, mario is not. Also, the whole violence thing towards women in Duke Nukem can't really be compared to a fighting game. In one you are two opponents on equal terms fighting each other, in another you're dragging one around and slapping her when she tries to excape.

armycore2439d ago

But is the smack in the ass that you give the babe in that mode, that much worse than when I used to knee women in the face while playing Double Dragon or piledriving Poison in Final Fight?

cpayne932439d ago

Hmm... good point, but its kind of a different mindset. In those games the women isn't helpless, but she is in Duke Nukem. That's what feminists really don't like, the game shows women as helpless things men can throw around. In a fighting game, a women can kick ass.

armycore2439d ago

Fair enough with that. But really then they should focus on a kind of passive sexism attitude that smacking on the ass is ok rather than saying that the smack on the ass promotes violence against women.

cpayne932438d ago

Yes they should, but feminists always have to exaggerate things and make them seem worse than they are. Probably just to get more publicity, if they only had a minor problem against the game people wouldn't care, but if they say it promotes violence towards women (even though it really doesn’t) they figure more people will notice. I see a lot of feminists as dumb, but PETA just seems to take the cake in terms of stupidity. =P

GrumpyVeteran2439d ago ShowReplies(2)
Tommykrem2439d ago

Yes, but feel free to dismiss both.
How are these people constantly picking up the games you never thought would be offensive or games you've never heard of? Catwoman being called bitch is anti-feminist? Mario comically wearing fur is anti animal rights? You'll have to set the bar a little higher if this is going to be taken seriously.

Alos882439d ago

You want to know why everyone dismisses PETA? It's because they are totally insane. They once compared the slaughter of livestock to the Holocaust ffs.

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