Everything You Need To Know About The History of Saints Row

Player Affinity writes: "In the predawn darkness between the release of GTA: San Andreas and GTA: IV, fans of open-world mayhem simulators found themselves in a bind. A new generation of consoles was upon us, and yet the genre which contributed vastly to the success of Sony’s Playstation 2 and the coffers of Rockstar North had nothing to offer those who had upgraded. There was simply a void. For those gamers craving high-speed police pursuits through fictional cities, mowing down groups of pedestrians, and taking to the skies in stolen military hardware, options were limited. Most had no other alternative than to turn back to San Andreas and patiently await Rockstar’s next entry in the series. That’s when Volition, known primarily for their work on the Red Faction series, stepped into the fray with their answer to the deficiency: Saints Row."

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BlmThug2434d ago

History? There has only been 3 iterations and the first one released in 2006. Only been 5 years