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Modern Warfare 3: Is Akimbo FMG9 The Most “Overpowered” Gun?

Pinoytutorial: Here's a gameplay discussing why the FMG9 secondary machine pistol attached with Akimbo might be the most "overpowered" gun on Modern Warfare 3, and currently being used by pros and high-ranked players alike. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Ezio2048  +   1290d ago
and i was thinking UMP45 is a bit overpowered...
gotta try out this weapon now!! :D
StanLee  +   1289d ago
I haven't found any of the guns to be overpowered to be honest. The akimbo FMG9 has huge kick, even with steady aim. The UMP may be the least effective SMG, granted, SMGs are pretty capable in MW3. The PP90M1 with steady aim is unbeatable within range. The guns are all pretty balanced. Mind you, they're all pretty similar.
RustInPeace  +   1289d ago
"Pros"? Who in their right mind claims to be a pro if they are using something overpowered and unbalanced?... Then again, this IS CoD we're talking about, but more accurately, MW. I have noticed that, yes, there are people who like CoD, but when it comes to the MW iterations, the cheapest players are the self-proclaimed "pros". Explain to me how running (for this installment) Blind Eye, Assassin, Dead Silence (doesn't really matter what the 3ed perk is, maybe Steady Aim) with a SCAR-L & heartbeat sensor (this is my example that I have come across a hell of a lot, just replace the SCAR with the akimbo FMG9) all the while sitting in a dark corner makes you a pro...? /rant
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Heartnet  +   1289d ago
Your Pro because you use that weapon imo.. if uve got the least bit common sense youll use the most over powerered weapon and not care if people see you as nooby for using it..

your choice if you wana use a lesser gun
Hicken  +   1289d ago
So being a pro means not using skill? Got it.
Heartnet  +   1289d ago

Well youll know u got skill when you beat everyone who uses that weapon also...

and if the weapon does it for you or helps out and gives you quick kills then go for it... if you only care about what people think that you can only be good at the game if you use shitty weapons than use the blatantly good weapons and win even more then thats up to you :)

Ill choose the more efficent way out im fraid :)
sycnation  +   1289d ago
So ...pours gas on fire...
Whats everyones best custom class

Grabs notebook and pen...
theonlylolking  +   1289d ago
No way
There is no gun that is op.
solidworm  +   1289d ago
but game is wank anyway so point is moot,...hi
DarkBlade4658  +   1289d ago
MW3 at this point has horrible gun balancing issues right now. There is no purpose of using the shotgun since every weapon does the same damage from any amount of range.

It's so bad I just play in Hardcore mode..at least that way every gun has 1 shot kills - just like it should be.
Grip  +   1289d ago
Does it even matter if they overpowered???, i bet half who play MW3 can't spell "Power".. so they will continue buy the game and play it like the donkey who follow his master.
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CanadianTurtle  +   1289d ago
People found weapon abusing so early in the release already?? Wow, people really are dedicated to this game.

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