BD Increases Lead Over HD-DVD During Black Friday Week...Leads Approx 73-27.

It seems that the recent influx of the cheap hd-dvd players have not shifted sales in HD-DVD's favor.

"Nielsen VideoScan data for the week shows 72.6% of high-definition discs purchased by consumers were Blu-ray and just 27.4% were HD DVD. HD DVD players have been selling for as little as $98, one-fourth the lowest street price for a Blu-ray player."

What is even more astonishing is that during this week, the HD-DVD group had a BOGO running on Amazon as well as some retailers.

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Real gamer 4 life4032d ago

I think toshiba should just admit that they lost. Blueray is killing them in sale. with there hd-dvd players being only 100 bucks they still cant seem to outsell blueray movies. Sooner or later the movie studios will abandon the hd-dvd format, and continue to support blueray. Looks like Sony might have failed with betamax and UMD but the third time might be a charm for them because blueray is looking very good right now.

sonarus4032d ago

toshiba will still find a way to spin this in their favour. Those studios still supporting hd-dvd are to blame for the prolongment of format war. If your selling your players for 98 dollars and still blu is outselling by about 3-1 its time to jst pick the winning format and move on. Its a shame this format war is even in existence but it is wat it is and studios should be doing whatever they can to end it and not jst taking 150million dollar bribes

PS3n3604032d ago

I bought one movie for it. The problem for them is the movie catalogue doesnt hold up against the blu-ray catalogue. I have a kid and I only buy movies for her since she watches them hundreds of times so it makes sense. As of right now all the best kids movies are on blu. I made a poor choice. I am shopping a ps3 now to use as a blu ray player, I hope I dont regret that a year from now.

lawman11084032d ago

If it were not for the PS3 (which IS a BR player 1st and a game system 2nd) the BR player numbers would be in the toilet (and the funny thing is most PS3 owners dont even know it is a BR player) This time next year the HD dvd player will bury BR, and if MS adds the HD dvd to the over

pwnsause4032d ago

lawman, just shut up, you make no sense at all. you have no idea what your talking about, are you below the age of 15, if so, go back to your room and go to sleep, you have school tomorrow.

PS3PCFTW4032d ago (Edited 4031d ago )


that was the funniest sh1t ever!! im still laughing.....u sent lawman "to bed". haha........funny stuff

+bubbles fam.


HAHA............YEAH RIGHT!!

i told you guys, hddvd is faking hard like they are on top. Its how MS handles business as well, by including XROD replacements as consoles SOLD. THE TRUTH EVENTUALLY COMES OUT.

read this its mad funny:


Lord_Mike4032d ago

You talk about hardware sales but I hope you know that HD-DVD hardware sales is estimated around 600,000 user? If you think thats plenty try comparing it to 7.5 million Blu-Ray users. There is no way HD-DVD will catch up in 2008. Think about it, that tiny .5 million from the 7 million is almost as much as HD-DVD total install base worldwide [email protected]@

HarryEtTubMan4031d ago

Xbox is becoming a Epic Failure... in 2 years with its beggiest games released including Halo 3 they ahve only sold 13.5 million consoles at a cheap price with a year on the market to themselves. They are selling and supposrting a format that will never win and has NO INDUSTRY support because they don't care about the customer... the are terrified of Sony. Screw percentages... the Xbox 360 is a defective piece of garbage. Its probally a 1004 defective console. They are just really screwed up. It will NEVER be fixed. You think they will just *poof* and stopp RRODing after te warranty? YEA RIGHT... Microsft wishes... lets be honest. The console will be abandoned by then. They arent in this to lose money and the 360 is costing them TONS. The future is BLU. HDVD HAS FAILED. EPIC FAILURE.

marinelife94031d ago

I think Toshiba keeps forgetting that Sony didn't stop selling more PS3's just because they sold $99 Blu Ray players.

The other thing I wish people would understand is there are people who bought a PS3 strictly to play Blu-Ray movies. Just because standalone sales are in favor of HD-DVD we don't know how many PS3 owners use it as a stand alone player.

beoulve4031d ago

i have to give you bubble for that PWNSauce, good funny sh~t you got there

Close_Second4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Actually, 4th time is a charm for Sony...maybe. Betamax, Mini-Disc, UMD were all flops. In fact, Mini-Disc almost single handedly ended Sony's reign in the personal audio player (walkman) space and opened the door wide open for Apple to walk on in.

Keep a watchful eye on the big Paramount titles (i.e. Star Trek and Indiana Jones come to mind) if they are not being released in the next 12 months then you know they'll ditch HD-DVD in favor of BD.

@beoulve - very true. Nobody remembers the success stories only the failures. However, the other formats I listed were all about 'Sony' trying to win over the consumer.

beoulve4031d ago

close_second, what about CD(philips and sony), ain't that a success??

UnasFortuna4031d ago

Don't get me wrong... I am a die hard Bluray supportor and have been since day one. These numbers in this article refer to movies...not equipment. I still firmly believe that this HD revolution is a niche market currently and I believe that the early adoptors of Bluray are the ones buying the most discs because they can afford to. These numbers support that theory to a certain extent. Just because Toshiba brought down the prices so the average "joe" could afford a player doesn't mean that they can afford the discs. I mean look at the average releases...15-20 dollars more than the standard DVD. I think lowering these prices early was a stupid and desperate move by Toshiba and the HDDVD supporters because they wanted to appease the Studios to try to make thier "inhouse" numbers look good. I don't think Bluray will lose this war; however, this can now only turn out two ways. One, HDDVD goes the way of the dodo bird and you have a lot of pissed off customers who bought into their propaganda and bought a cheap player that will now only play movies that you already own or the ones you are able to find you like that are already released. Secondly, the two formats co-exist. Don't care too much for the second because there are some movies on the HDDVD side that I would love to get my hands on for my collection (Paramount in particular). I don't think the second possibility is very profitable for the Studios since it would make since to produce for the higher install base... and as you can tell... it is obvious that Bluray owners can afford to spend more money on movies.

robep34031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

HEY change your name to KRUSTY because your a CLOWN, it aint a BD
player first,most PS3 owners do know it plays BD movies AND MS will never put HD-DVD in the xbox because it would be such a huge u-turn for them because they claimed that next gen storage was not required for games.


deeznuts4031d ago

You guys are forgetting the CD, proably the most successful format ever? And don't forget the 3.5" floppy! Hah! You guys forgot or didn't know about that one. People still use that crap.

Tryst4031d ago

Close_Second - Indiana Jones is a Spielberg film, which means the exclusivity deal does not include this. Spielberg films where not included in the exclusivity deal.

The Killer4031d ago

i say its time to finish this war and go to blue ray!!
its just sad to make more people loose their money on the failure product!!

there is not point fighting it!!even HD players sell half of the price of blue ray players and still blue is kicking the a$$ of HD!!

jojo3194031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I agree with your comment, just pointing out that everyone seems to forget Minidisc for some reason. Another superior product that failed due to poor business strategy.

Just noticed someone pointed this out already. Oops!

blacsheep4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

you just squashed your own argument in favour of hd-dvd

you state that half of ps3 owners dont know that its a blu-ray player?
obviously when more and more people do realise its capable of playing bluray more blu-ray movies will be sold on top of the killing its doing to hd-dvd at present!

everywhere i look i see adverts from sony pushing this fact!

go back to school!

ps i is jamaican ta bumba hole all true jamaicans pon here holla!

chrno64031d ago

lol @ lawman, IF! If Bill Gate was a woman, u would marry her right/

Bubble Buddy4031d ago

Lawman, thats what you call strategy. no really, why did the ps3 add blu-ray? to support it no shizznack. what's jokes is if the next xbox is in blu-ray? what are u xbox ppl gonna say for that?

cuco334031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

1st off the title is wrong. It's not 'leads approx 73-27', it's 'won the week according to Nielson's'. Blu-ray does lead the software sales based on Nielson's. It's 2:1 ratio overall. Sometimes I wonder if's forum poster's motives is to go onto every message board, blog site, or forum and post constant FUD, buying 2-3 BD movies to get 2-3 for free and trying to prove that BD sold 4-6 total. I know why PS3 fans are so adamant about Bluray as a movie format... Because PS3 has yet to show the way for 'next gen starts when we say it does' with their lackluster game library (yes there are some great hits... SOME) and sh*tty ports and being that the PS3 is in last place and being beaten severely by a duct taped gamecube (wii) and a crashbox360 their loyal brand followers turn to what they have left... a movie format that currently has a 2:1 sales lead of a 5% market that is already Blu-ray biased.

But to be on topic, it's still too early in the game to even matter. Disk sales are minimal at best. Transformers HD DVD is the #1 selling HD disk of all HDM and roughly a little over a year sold 190k copies it's launch week, and according to Nielson's and all blu boys it's 90k units which makes matters EVEN WORSE for HDM! Tons of catalog titles sell it's first week only 5000 units. That is PATHETIC! HDM is taking off slower than DVD. And please, let's not compare things in the US to the rest of the world... Each region can hold it's own with it's own format. Reference India and China and their formats they have had/have that aren't found elsewhere.
What's sad is that the gamer fanboyism of the 80s and 90s has now morphed into next gen gaming and HDM fanboyism.
Want to know something funny? Why do we only ever hear percentages? Why don't we hear disk sales aside from the 2-3 movies that are considered hits. There is over 800 titles on both Blu-ray and HD DVD, surely they are embarassed at the quantities actually sold on both formats. I mean even UMD has sold better up until now!

The better physical disk is Blu-ray.
The better format is HD DVD.
Both will be around for awhile.

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eagle214032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Blu Ray FTW! edit: @real gamer, UMD is not in war: the top selling 2007 japanese game Monster Hunter is UMD. The CD, developed by Sony won and has sold 200 billion. DVD supported by all. This is the second real movie "War" and Blu has the win.

Jandre024032d ago

Is HD-DVD going to wait until its 95-5 to quit? This is one sided as hell, I hate when losers dont know when to give up. (DONT YOU SAY A WORD ABOUT MY PS3 OR ELSE!!)

Raptors4032d ago

LMMFAO @ lawd hammersy and Booombaclot. 90% of the ppl on here aint gonna know what that is lol
But back to the topic, I think HD DVD is finished. I was really hoping they could build some sort of momentum but it doesn't look good. I think once the Christmas holiday is done it will show how in a greater scope where things stand...

Skerj4032d ago

I do hah, really though HDDVD really had Transformers over BR, everything else I want are on both or BR.

Danja4032d ago

LOL...I know them as well...i'll add another one "RAAASS-CLAAAAT"
I have a few Jamaican friends ...HAHA

Is there a format war's as if Toshiba is waiting on there Fatality MK style...!!

Jamaicangmr4031d ago

Bloodclaaaat mi youte a di funniest rassclaat ting dat mi read pan di site yah di whole day. Nuff

Nuff Bumbo-rass-ole-claaat bubbles fi yuh.

snoopafly4031d ago

hahahah. booomba clot! thats the best thing that has ever been said on this site..and ever will be!

Guwapo774031d ago

Long time mi no see star...Nuff REEEspect ruuuudie! All me see BOOOMMBBAA CLOOOOOTT and damn near died. Mi nnaa Jamaican but mi know fi slang. Good sh!t pimpin'.

Btw, once the one year exclusive is up with Paramount and Dreamworks, HD-DVD is all but dead. You heard it here. And you can quote mi rass now.


Why di 'ell unah neva even 'tink a callin me !

All dese rassclot jamaicans and not one Bajan can get a damn call fi come join de BASHMENT !!!!

you mis di bus

ana mi miss di pliaannnee !!!!

p.s. A peer blu ray we a promote tuh PUNNANNY CLAAATTT, HD DVD? dash it weh !!

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scrillakiller4032d ago

cant win man.ps3 is crushing hddvd and the final blow will be bluray standalones pr drop to hd has nothing to worry about on this front.after stand alone pr drops hddvd is as good as on to the junk closet with hddvd

Fan Tastic4032d ago

Discounted HD DVD players beyond belief at every major outlet and what do they get as their reward? One of the biggest ass-whoopings to date..

crazy250004032d ago

they have $98 players and doesn't seem to be doing much, they should not have listened to Microsoft and teamed up with Sony at the beginning

I have a PS3 and will definitely be getting blu-rays

eagle214032d ago

$98, and....The Wii costs $249-$677. nuff said. It's about quality, not price.

razer4032d ago

need to check your facts on HD-DVD.. MS doesn't own the format toolbag, Toshiba does. Never have I seen gamers so concerned over a movie format, Sony did a good job raising its flock(of sheep).

PS3PCFTW4032d ago (Edited 4031d ago )


so what youre saying is MS wasnt funding the hddvd project so it can get its foot in the movie distibution business so it can then TRY to compete directly with sony on another front?

OK......please explain your theory

btw, as far as i can tell, you have posted in every bd/hddvd thread so are U NOT "SO CONCERNED with the formats" as well? seriously now.

snoopafly4031d ago

i think you should take your own advise and learn to read razer. where did he ever say that microsoft owns hd-dvd.

Rhythmattic4031d ago

If anyone here doesn't think MS has a vested interest in HD-DVD , They truly are blind...

What CODEC do you think HD-DVD is Pushing ?
Another NON standard , Microsoft-ism, for the Masses , they control.

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