Digital Hippos - Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Review

Dustin of Digital Hippos writes:

I think Skylanders is a blast. It really deserves attention from the youngest gamer to the oldest, grumpy gamer disenchanted with today's gaming climate. Gaming fun and magic in this form is a rare thing that should be recognized and embraced. I only have three of the figurines, and I am serious when I say that I cannot wait to collect as many as I can. From the quality of the physical design to the incredibly varied and fun characters in game, the total package is a riot. The puzzles, the treasures, the items you unlock; it all works and melds together into something special. The game may be marketed mainly to kids, but seriously, I have not had this much pure fun in a long time.

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NagaSotuva2318d ago

My nephew won't shut up about this game. Perhaps I should talk to Santa....

morkendo2318d ago

whatever happen to HIPHOP GAMER??? u think he showed his ass by now.

Thecraft19892318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

His website got banned from this site.

aPerson2318d ago

Hip-Hop Gamer assumed he was Dragonborn. He was taking a stroll in Skyrim's beautiful forests, hunting deer and talkin' jive to white folk, when all of a sudden he came across a fierce dragon! In confusion, he tried using the language of the ghetto in order to defeat the dragon... but even his enchanted "bling bling muthaf***" could not protect him from the blood-thirsty dragon. He was slain instantly and the world was better off without him.

The end.

Sadie21002318d ago

I have an adult friend who just loves this game. I want to check it out, but I don't want to get hooked into something where I'm going to want to buy new toys for it all the time.

acronkyoung2318d ago

I hadn't even heard of this until I started seeing a ton of them all over stores. Guess they found a successful way to reinvigorate the Spyro series.

LouisGarcia2318d ago

I miss the Spyro of old... but this collectible aspect is going to hook me and make me broke.