Has Anything Topped MGS4 This Generation?

While the great games continue to hit store shelves at a rapid clip, is there any title that has managed to outstrip Kojima's masterpiece?

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refocusedman2468d ago

Their has been tons of great games that have come out since but, I think metal gear (while not the best) still hold its own. As a fan I thought the game was a masterpiece from the beginning to end (although the cute scenes were long and convoluted). The multiplayer aspect was some of the most fun that I had in quite a long time. It would have been perfect, if that damn konami ID and 6hr download times didnt screw up everything. Come to think of it I would love to play online again but, I have no idea what my konami ID is.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2467d ago

I wasn't a huge mgs fan before i got mgs4. I played and beat mgs4 8 times. That's twice as much as any of the other 50 games in my ps3 library. The story and gameplay is really that engaging.

Batzi2468d ago

Graphics-wise Uncharted 3 set the bar high. But that's it. Otherwise, story, gameplay, boss fights, epic memories, music and set of characters are still owned by Metal Gear. :D Thanks to Hideo Kojima of course.

NukaCola2468d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 wrapped up 20 years of a story. It tied it all together, it was graphically amazing, it's story was epic...It was something unforgettable.

I think other titles have touched that level like Uncharted 3 for example, but nothing has surpassed it cause MGS4 is a 10/10 masterpiece.

Iroquois_Pliskin2468d ago

Mgs4 is just epic in every aspect. Might i add that the music kicks ass?

byrnezy2468d ago

Hideo is a genius, nuff said

Focus2468d ago

No, it is by far the best movie this generation. On the games front however, yes.

2468d ago
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