State of the Station: Shock

Sterling McGarvey of GameSpy takes a borrowed dualshock controller on a test drive:

"After an evening of trying out twenty or so games, I came to a simple conclusion: I miss rumble, but not enough to pay $70 per controller just to have a four-month jump-start on the rest of America."

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ikkokucrisis3953d ago

Game or controller,
Game or controller,
I chose games.

Next year I will get the controller, here's to hoping they continue to further refine their implementation of rumble in previously released PS3 games.

Hydrollex3953d ago

Do you love GTA IV ? If you do agree me and if you don't ignore me

Voozi3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I agree! But yea I dont think I'll be importing a rumble controller. It's not worth the extra cash + owning a 360 I have my rumble needs if I only owned a PS3 then I may be more tempted to import a rumble controller, but as of now I'll play the waiting game on these DS3 controllers

okcomputer3953d ago

Funny.. they'll retail for $60 here anyway, so whats the big deal about the extra $10?

jackdoe3953d ago

This guy bought his controller at the wrong place then. $70 is pretty high for an import. I thought $60 was the norm? Anyway, I'd wait as well. I'd rather be playing another game than getting rumble early. Of course when MGS 4 comes stateside, I'll be picking up a DS3 along with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.