Gamesradar: PlayStation 3D Display review

Since unveiling it at E3, Sony’s marketed its PlayStation-branded 3D Display (MSRP $499.99) as a compact piece of hardware perfect for bedrooms and dorms. But selling it as an addition to smaller gaming spaces seems to suggest it’s targeted to those who’d use it solely as a secondary setup to their already kick-ass extra-dimensional entertainment center. Thing is, if you’re anything like us, you’re maybe thinking of investing in your very first 3D display, not shopping for a backup you can use while lounging in your bed made of gold bricks. While we’re not sure the product’s being directed at the right audience, there’s no question it’s a neat little tech toy and an affordable ticket to the possible future of gaming.

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dougr2435d ago

I'm interested in buying this, but without knowing if the input lag is equal or less than my Samsung PX2370 monitor I won't buy the 3d display.

jack_burt0n2435d ago

wow did not know it was pc 3d compatible that is a big plus.

dougr2435d ago

Definite plus, but like I said, I still need to know the input lag on this. The reason for that is I like to play NHL 12 a lot and on my current monitor there is next to no input lag, for a comparison I spent $1400 on the Samsung 46" 3dtv this march when the new D6400 lineup was released, and I don't even use that TV anymore because the input lag on game mode compared to my Samsung PX2370 monitor is very noticeable. Unfortunately I've been spoiled by a great monitor for input lag, so it's going to be hard to switch if the specs for this display aren't at least equal or better.

N311V2434d ago

3D gaming is awesome, I can't get enough of it. Only problem is when I go back and play a 2D game I really notice the loss of a dimension. The sense of height in UC3 and B:AC was wonderful, can't wait to check out AC:R.