Should You Buy Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? Yes.

Kotaku: Didn't we just buy this game back in February? No sir and / or ma'am, this is Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, a re-release of the recent release packed with a dozen new fighters from both sides of the battle and enough gameplay tweaks and extras to keep fans fighting until Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Hyper Turbo Edition comes out sometime next month (probably not true).

Are the twelve new characters powerful enough to defeat the feeling of being burned by another Capcom retail update? Let's ask our gut.

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WhiteLightning2381d ago


because your just giving Capcom what they want, how will they ever learn if we just fall right into their trap

Same goes for dmc and Resident Evil: ORC

If you don't buy it or hang on untill it's in the bargain bill then it means Capcom will loose money, will be put off their business strategies and in the end will result in Capcom getting a massive wake up call they truley deserve....oh but I forgot you get the "I'll give it a chance" or "I'll buy it just to see what it's like" type of people when they don't realise that they could just hang on and wait untill it's at a lower price.

Tanir2380d ago

yeah, a fighting game coming out twice in a year is very sad, the game is fun but i mean seriously, why didnt they just delay the game 6 months and release ulatimate instead? money ofcourse.

and its understandable, a company has to make money, but they should do it in context

Cablephish2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )


Well said.

I don't think people know how much control they really have over companies until they really try to exert it. The ability to resist from reaching around your back pocket to pull bills out of your wallet is a persuasive one.

LettingGo2380d ago


Skyrim is the only reason you need.

UltimateIdiot9112380d ago

I bought it but I did not buy the vanilla MvC3. Was it worth it? Yes for $30.

DLC characters such as Jill still needs to be purchase so waiting for the Super Ultimate MVC3 Whatever Edition, isn't going to give you any of the DLCs.

The way I see it is a new edition comes out which hopefully isn't less than 1 year, I can always trade in and pay the remaining provided it's around ~$10 difference for the new one. It beats the alternative of playing the waiting game and never play it.

Capcom has been practicing this kind of business since SFII and it's really no different than how sport games just give you roster updates/slight improvements.

FlashXIII2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I got it and am happy with it due to only having rented mvc3 but in all fairness, the amount of new stuff added did not warrant a new retail edition. All could have been added for DLC and the balancing things should have been for free. On the plus side if they did add it as DLC it probably would have overall costed a lot more.

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